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  1. Is that a screenshot from Alex the kid for Sega master system?
  2. How much for the whole works? You still have my addy for a shipping quote? Crash
  3. www.auctionsniper.com I use it all the time. I once bought a 91 dodge colt for $450 and sold it for $1900 a week later. I've probably done around $15,000 worth of transactoins on ebay now..
  4. crash


    That is almost always a loose or bad IDE cable. Re-attach them and if you still get the message replace them. I would guess that when you opened your case and rummaged around you knocked one loose. Also knowing that it only happened once in a while before makes me even more sure. The only other thing I can think of is reseat your ram, but I'm 99% sure that its a ATA cable.
  5. I'd bet $1 that your memory controller is fokked. I doubt it had anything to do with the voltage though. DFI says that 3.3 to the Ram on their boards is ok, mushkin says that the redline is guaranteed to 3.3. I've seen OC's with that ram at over 4v. Also, a blue scree of death does NOT usualy mean your OS is fokked. And there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to "re-Format" when you install new ram, or any other hardware for that matter. I've changed from Intel - Nvidia - Sis ect. and never re-formatted my drive. You just need to uninstall the old drivers before changing out the hardware. Re-Formatt..... Sheesh!
  6. I was just going to post that....
  7. It's a tyan tiger 100 I think. It was supposed to be a dual p2-p3 board but its only good to p2-366!! I got back almost everything I paid for it.
  8. I would buy a new video card, you will notice the most from that!
  9. crash

    Driver Problems

    Revert to formatting.... Sheesh I'm not sure but check and see if driver cleaner will clean realtek drivers. Not sure what else to do. I'll a bit
  10. Yeah at first I thought that it used the PCI slot for IO and had a built in IDE controller in t. But still, I would use it because I could just put my laptop HD in it and back it up. Hmm, now that I think about it I would rather just use a USB or firewire unit...
  11. Oh relax! They've been on the $1.49 menu in Canada for a long time. That's still way more than you guys were paying. And gas, jeez I WISH I paid what you guys pay for gas!! I just filled my truck and it was $0.98 /L !!! PER LITRE not gallon! That's like..... $3.70/Gal! :angry2: BTW JBC's are AWESOME! Crap, now I have to get out of bed, get dressed and go get one.
  12. I know you said that you don't have a cd but, you can rebuild the registry using the recovery console. Also if you borrow somones CD you can go through setup until you get to "Repair a windows installtion" ,(not recovery console.) If you can't find a cd from a buddy there I'll send you one.
  13. Check out the pics of my GF2MX200 I modded. It's in the Video card forum I think. lapped it with a dremmel and a grinder-bit
  14. Pulled a cap off a folder-comp-mobo today, it felt loose so I wanted to see if it would come off easy Sent a mobo back for RMA and when I got the replacement back I had the same problem, power on, no post. I moved the memory from slot 1 - 2 and it booted up fine Spent four hours trying to fix a hard drive after I decided that I didn't want the HD to be D: anymore. I used partion magic's "change drive letter" option to convert it to C: drive and after it finished I got "bad or missing NTDLR" or whatever, (you guys know the message I mean.) This particular comp was getting delivered to a customer of mine the next day so I had to stay up all night to fix it! And my favorite. I tried and tried to get a particular windows install working and kept getting error messages. I didn't want to reformat the drive because there is ALWAYS a way around that So i fiddled and fiddled with it and eventually decided to re-install. As I was at the "are you sure you want to format this partition" step in the install I had a nagging feeling that I was missing something. Needless to say, I realized as soon as I started formatting the drive that I had forgot to check out the IDE cables. Sure enough the new installation was plagued with the same problems as before!! "paged fault in non-paged area" BSOD So, I changed out the IDE cables and it worked perfectly. around 1000MP3's, 750 pics of the kids, all my docs GONE! I had an image of the HD but th CD's were bunk and wouldn't worK!!!
  15. If you want to post here you should get your own account. Saying stuff like "don't call me zone99 this is a friends account" is stupid. How are we supposed to know that you hijacked your friends account? What should we call you? Guy? Dude? Zone99 friend? Beavis?
  16. It's only a dumb question if you already know the answer, genius And I was asking because I was curious if there were any toxic ingredients in the PCB, thanks though.
  17. It is difficult to work with but it is doable. I bought E Fudds XP-120 from him and completely ignored his advice to remove the Mobo before installing the HS It was a bit tricky but if you're "super geek" like me you can do it. I'm very happy with the XP-120. On the other hand after reading "size does matter" on THG I think my next experiment will be a Thermaltake Sonic Tower THG review of Thermaltake Sonic Tower ^ I was very surprised that the XP-120 wasn't in the lineup!
  18. crash

    Hi There.

    Sorry, what was your post? I was busy drooling over your sig
  19. You can get a non-ecc 1gb OCZ VX kit for $210CAD from NCIX, thats....about $160 US and yes it is good ram
  20. Ah, because you have the TV tuner in the way Try that zalman card, I think it would work for you cause the HS is raised fairly high?
  21. So it sounds like the Duct tape computer bit the dust? If you want I still have that celeron 500 system I could sell you. But not for $8! Ask your parents for a few bucks?
  22. Too late I already sold my soul in Grade 10. I was hungry so I sold it for a piece of crazy-bread!
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