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  1. ncix.com has A64 2600 semprons (256k cache) skt 754 for $65 cad, and you can pick up an all in one msi mobo for $70cad. Check it out
  2. crash

    Car Audio Question... Ohms

    I had a really good post on this before and it didn't show up for some reason. Anyways the final word is: If an amp is rated to be 2om stable, that does NOT mean that you must run 2ohm speakers. It only means that if you so desire you are safe to run a 2ohm load. EG two subs wired in parallel = 2ohms. Running at half the impedance draws TWICE as much current throught the amp because now you are sending X amount of watts to TWO speakers instead of one. That is why they say that the amp is two ohm stable- it means that the amp can handle the extra current. So, go ahead and run your components off that amp, it will be fine. There is no point; however, in running two sets of components off the same channel. Helps?
  3. crash

    Note To Self: Do Not Enter Strip Clubs...

    Uh.... I don't know from experience but I think that they treat you like a very important person... *clears throat*
  4. crash

    What're The Gas Prices There

    In Alberta, right in the middle of the second largest petroleum deposit in the world we're paying $1.18/L. On Vancouver Island we're paying $1.08. These prices are retarded, I'm glad I have a company fuel card!!!.
  5. crash

    What You Do For A Living / Job

    Worked in a few car dealerships in service, parts and sales.... not enough money... Started working service rigs at $17.50/hour 4 years ago, now I operate my own rig and make $27/hour. after including my truck and subsistence and travel time I clear roughly $9000/month. Not bad for only 4 years, I make more than my family doctor who has geen practicing for 10 years! And he had thousands of $ loans to pay off! Word on the street is $5 raise this month......
  6. crash

    The Coveted Top 20

    You're going to be back to 99 or 100 soon......
  7. crash


    Personally I would'nt even bother taking any argument you had seriously. First off you're what, 12? and you feel the need to flame someones post like that? Gimme a break! If you got that stressed out that you had to look like an butt in front of millions of people over that forum topic you shouldn't be allowed anywhere near an internet connection. I understand that you are upset about the whole thing with your ex-boyfriend, but it seems like you are turning into a bitter old man in the last couple of weeks. Go back through your posts and read them to see what kind of "crapING" person you're becoming. And then get some help before you have a nervous breakdown. OUT BTW I don't think you're a bad guy, I just think that you should find a way to be happy before you kick the crap out of yourself.
  8. crash

    Most Fuel Economic Rpm

    However, rolling your windows down causes more fuel consumption than using your AC. $1.15 /L....... Man I'm glad I don't pay for gas!
  9. crash

    No Dna, No Sig, And I'm A "member" Again

    Didn't work for me... Wait, I have my DNA but no banner...?
  10. crash

    Whole Bunch Of Stuff For Sale

    dibs on the extigy
  11. crash

    I've Begun To Fold!

    I wonder where my [email protected] banner went? and my DNA?
  12. crash

    Cheap Folding System For Sale

    Sorry about the delay, I was up north working again. I will paypal as soon as i get an addy.
  13. crash

    Cheap Folding System For Sale

    Dibs at $75 + shipping, PM me with payment instructions
  14. crash

    Jetway Nf4 Sli Mobo

    Hmm, with an open mind I say " the numbers speak for themselves." I'll let you guys know how mine works out. I'm ordering one right now to review.
  15. crash

    My Next Truck

    Yeah but those useless tin cans don't make you $100,000 a year do they? So fuel costs don't really bother me, (four fuel cards!!)
  16. crash

    I've Begun To Fold!

    Yeah welcome! Check this out all you folders ranking 100 or lower, (like 99, 98 ect.) I'm gonna getcha!
  17. crash

    Vehicles You've Owned

    1959 Plymouth Plaza 1980 Ford Courier - couldn't kill that truck 1979 Suzuki GS 750 e 1986 Hyundai Pony 1979 Mustang 5.0 "Indy Pace Car edition" 1997 Suzuki GS500 1981 Mustang 2.4 1986 Honda Prelude 1985 GMC S15 2000 Chevy Cavalier Now own: 2000 F-150 4x4 2002 Kia Sportage (bought for wife) Comming soon: 2006 Dodge 3500 Cummins 4x4 Laramie YIPEEE!!!!
  18. crash

    Fecesload Of Stuff For Sale!

    Sent Cash via Paypal
  19. crash


    I don't know about ears but I had my nipple done and I almost jumped off the table. And that was just the clamp!
  20. crash

    Lite-on Dvd Burner

    That seems like a lot fot that drive. Right now NCIX.com has a samsung dual layer/+- black face drive on for $46 CAD. I bought one back in March and it was awesome, better than my Pioneer and better than my Lite-on, (that I RMA'd once already.)
  21. crash

    Extreme Shaving?

    When you get some coarse man-hair on your face you won't be able to burn it off anymore. As it is I go through a blade a week. Fire only works with the fine peach-fuzz you have when your 14
  22. crash

    Ummmm Hi.

    Yeah, you're probably better looking than most of us OCC'ers! So..... How you doing? jk You should post pics as you go of your first build, and keep us up to speed on the project. And BTW, there is a post your pic thread around somewhere, I bet you could find it quick using the handy search feature. Not many people know about that though.
  23. crash

    New Hs/f

    Zalman requires removing the mobo and using a different retention bracket. XP-120 + XP-90 do not. All you need to do is just screw the XP's bracket into the stock holes and then push the HS into the bracket. And the CNPS7000AlCu does not perform better than the CNPS7000Cu.
  24. crash

    Fs: Cd Burner And More

    Thanks for another good deal Coolzero! Crash EDIT - Sent Cash Via Paypal. EDIT - Have you sent this yet?
  25. crash

    Fecesload Of Stuff For Sale!

    Hey Marty, I'll take the N64 RAM, Banjo kazooie, mario 64, pokemon stadium, and Donky Kong 64. I will send cash on Monday, deal? Oh yeah, how much for all this? PM me.