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  1. Wow, thanks guys I could afford about $100 USD, if that will work pm me and we'll work out the arrangements. Thanks
  2. So how much do you want for this opty? I think I will buy it if the moneys right.
  3. Hey I'd like the 3.0 and the WC kit. PM me asap
  4. You can get a 6800 GS for the same price as that GTO and it will whup it n most games. Also has shader 3.0
  5. QUICK!! Let me know what you have while I have some cash!
  6. Yeah, too bad that I already wiped everything. It turned out ok though because all of my critical stuff was backed up, I just ended up having to go through mountains of cd's to find proggies that I needed. All in all it was a good thing to happen, my comp is way faster now and I don't have any junk on there I don't need. I would still like to know how this happened though. The HD is fine, no bad sectors or anything and it took the new os fine. I just wish I could remember if it locked up while perfect disk was defragging my main drive...... that would explain a lot
  7. So this morning I came down stairs to find my computer locked up. You wouldn't think that is a big deal every once and a while but my system has been running smoothly for almost two years now! I hadn't seen any evidence of ANY problems whatsoever before this. So, I have to do a hard-shutdown and when it boots back up the windows XP black screen seems to be taking forever. When I look back again my comp has re-started. WTF? Whatever so the XP screen is back again and seems to stop every once and a while, windows will not boot up. Crappy. So I restart again and try safe mode, no luck. I tried to boot into XP64, no luck. So my next step is to use my windows XP cd and repair the installation. So it gets to the screen where you select the drive to install to and it says disk one blah blah blah not-formatted total space 76,000, free space 75,000. That disk had about 60 GB of info on it!!!! Where did it all go and why? Now this wouldn't have been so bad because I usually keep a cloned disk on another drive but I had been playing around with XP64 on my spare and hadn't cloned my drive again. Shietty deal for me :angry2: Oh well, now I get to start fresh again, but what a pain in the assanine.
  8. ok, I'll take them. Send me a paypal addy.
  9. I've got a BenQ that I bought for around $70CAD from ncix.com, works great.
  10. Check this out It's also in CAD. You'd be way better off going this way even if you don't want the mobo.
  11. Sorry swifty but this is a stupid post. The only thing bad about not doing well in something is degrading yourself because of it. You should have used your shortcomings as an opportunity to improve yourself rather than post about it to get attention.
  12. 3176 days..... or is it?........
  13. Sent cash via Paypal. Let me know that you recieved it?
  14. I still want this and will pay you as soon as I get your paypal addy. Sorry about the wait.
  15. One of the coolest Mini-Itx mods I've ever seen!Has anybody seen this yet?
  16. Xp2600 t-bred $25 Celeron 1.8ghz $20 Celeron 2.2ghz $25 Via Cyrix 1ghz $10 Amtron version of the K7SOM Matx with sis chipset sdr $20 Compaq Uwave (also known as FIC), Matx with Via chipset sdr $20 GFXcel (ecs family) sis chipset, no agp matx sdr socket 370 133fsb $15 MBI (ecs family) via chipset socket 370 133fsb $18 Asus Tusl2-c i815 pc133 socket 370 $30 DFI CA64B socket 370 pc133 atx $20 Asus CuV4x socket 370 pc133 atx $25 This is all the stuff I WANT. I definately NEED the Amtron mobo and the GFXcel, (moms was the GFXcel.) I guess depnding on how much you want for all this will determine if I can piss my wife off again this month or not
  17. OK so I was surfing around to find out what the fastest P3 CPU this little bookPC I came across will take and I discovered that it will take a P3 1.4 !!! So, If anyone has one, must be 512KB, let me know. Maybe even a 1.1 512 or higher
  18. Hey guys, I just chipped a couple of traces off my moms mobo removing the HS and I need to replace it. Bigred if you still have those mobos I'll take them! I need a board w/ onboard video, fsb 133, and micro-ATX. Thats all that really matters. Also if anyone has some mobo/CPU combos they want to get rid of let me know I may take them.
  19. I could also get it from ncix.ca for $143 CAD, but I don't want to pay that much...
  20. Hey guys, I really need a copy of XP pro with a serial. So if any of you have one sitting around collecting dust maybe we could work out some sort of a deal. I also have a legit copy of XP 64 I could trade.
  21. The infinity is almost the exact same board except it doesn't have the cool uv stuff, the cool cables an accessories and some other things. Check ncix.com or newegg or something for exact specs
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