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  1. Best place to buy parts in Canada is www.ncix.com. And I would highly recomend the EVGA 680i or the XFX 680, both have excellent reviews, (and warranty!)
  2. Dibs on the Nano, I can paypal tonight, and if you will let the wii go for 350 I'll take that too
  3. 5657, not bad I guess for 2mb ram and a 4400 oc'd to 2.6.......... 2nd shot 7900 oc'd to 635/840(1680)
  4. Holla back! Math, statistics, odds, chaos theory, (universe tends to fall towards chaos without intervention,) matter/energy breakdown theory, It's hard to argue. Quick thought, If an animal needed to evolve to survive and only one piece of DNA had to change how hard would that be? Would the animal die before it happened? Do life forms tend to mutate towards perfection or do genetic variances cause major problems for all life that experiences them? Take a cookie sheet with 46 marbles on it all lined up and colour matched per line. Move two marbles out of position. Now gently tap the bottom of the pan anywhere you like and try and move the marbles into their proper place representing the "perfect" evolution. This is a very fair representation of the odds of a life forms DNA altering to a better state. Odds of success? anyone? How about the odds of the chain being completed if a higher power intervenes?....(pick up the marble and move it I bet you can do it on the first try!-) Chromosome Sequence Length (in base pairs) Determined Length* (in base pairs) 1 245,203,898 218,712,898 2 243,315,028 237,043,673 3 199,411,731 193,607,218 4 191,610,523 186,580,523 5 180,967,295 177,524,972 6 170,740,541 166,880,540 7 158,431,299 154,546,299 8 145,908,738 141,694,337 9 134,505,819 115,187,714 10 135,480,874 130,710,865 11 134,978,784 130,709,420 12 133,464,434 129,328,332 13 114,151,656 95,511,656 14 105,311,216 87,191,216 15 100,114,055 81,117,055 16 89,995,999 79,890,791 17 81,691,216 77,480,855 18 77,753,510 74,534,531 19 63,790,860 55,780,860 20 63,644,868 59,424,990 21 46,976,537 33,924,742 22 49,476,972 34,352,051 X 152,634,166 147,686,664 Y 50,961,097 22,761,097 Chromosome size source: National Center for Biotechnology Information. Human Reference Sequence (from Build 33 of the Human Genome released April 14, 2003). <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genome/seq/> (September 2003).
  5. Hey guys I just broke 500K a couple days ago! Those SMP clients are sweet! I can't wait to get my next 3 rigs up. Funny though, my production is WAY up and our outlook is looking WAY down......??
  6. I come from a very open-mided background, was educated in a public school starting in about 1985. For those of you who were in school at that time you know that it was about then that schools started pulling any creation-based science out of the ciriculum<SP? The lords prayer was banned from schools, and nobody mentioned God or Jesus without being reprimanded. I was too young to understand the big picture back then but looking back now I realize that the educaction system was depriving us of which "religion" we followed. Don'y get me wrong, I don't know everything and I still have a lot of respect for the outstanding scientists and philosiphers who "preach" evolution. BUT, I couldn't believe what they were telling me about evolution from almost the beginnig. All throughout my high-school and college years I studied science, evolution theory, creation theory and physics. There was much more evidence to support the events outlined in the Hebrew bible than I ever found to support the evolution theory. Now, here's the kicker - It's a personal choice we make in what path we take in life, (except for schools, they tell us what top believe,) whether or not we believe in God, Jesus, evolution, creation and whatnot. However; if you keep an open mind and start really questioning what we are taught you will most likely find that the amount of evidence out there supporting the creation theory is astounding. Even if you take out the "God" from any kind of "beginning" theory, almost ALL evidence supports some kind of INTELLIGENT creation, (yeah I know some of you probably watched Star trek more than once and have looked up at the roof and said "Computer, end Hollogram" !-) Anywas if you have time check it out before you call it brainwashing, these kids have a right to decide which leap of faith they to take, I made my decision on my own based on the information and evidence I could gather in regards to something I can never see or reproduce. In the last few years many, (dozens?) of leading evolution theory scientists have recanted their stance on creation, some throw up their hands and say "I just don't know now," and some have become leading researchers for creation-theory based science firms. Again, they followed the evidence they found but each made a personal decision about where their faith lies. ^^^^ New keyboard I keep missing keys
  7. Cash sent for both boards and X850, also cash sent to j2t for a DFI board, and Bosco for a 775 board
  8. Cash sent for the E6750 and the OCZ ram
  9. Will you take 200 for the 6750 and the OCZ ram? If so I will pay tonight
  10. How much do you want for each board and the video card?
  11. K thanks for the replies, working on a deal with capthowdy575 for a DFI mobo, but I just found another 939 3200 on my shelf so I am still interested in one more board. Prices?
  12. Hey Claymeow, I've got 4 rigs down right now and two more quads on the way..... I think I'll pass u in less than 2 years !-) 1 Bosco 8,887 7,967,357 2 Fueler 8,800 2,898,376 3 Judy_Dunbar 8,297 3,104,525 4 ccokeman 7,707 3,320,957 5 Nerm 5,134 2,231,817 6 apostolics 4,715 2,887,559 7 CheeseMan42 3,726 410,700 8 exeter_acres 3,565 1,412,019 9 ClayMeow 3,556 651,514 10 Hypnogaja 2,516 249,557 11 UkJenT 2,514 35,034 12 cchalogamer 2,404 1,677,992 13 sdy284 1,979 873,743 14 whitelightning 1,918 899,786 15 crash 1,797 499,391 16 waterlou 1,668 1,025,566 17 myth0$ 1,505 318,533 18 chavalcito 1,314 446,024 19 InvaderTrax 1,206 1,065,461
  13. Hey Guys I'm looking for a 939 board to throw together a rig for a friend. Budget = pretty cheap!-) I have some odd things to trade too.
  14. If you still have this chip I'll give you 120 for it
  15. Hey I'll take it if u still have it. Message me with payment instructions? Got the board, looks great! I can't wait to get my E6750 I bought on OCC to try this thing out. Gonna be: ASUS P5N32-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX E6750 4 GB OCZ DDR 2 8500 8800 GT XT Alpha dog Kingwin Mach 1 600 2 x 500 GB Seagate HD's And.... .... .... .... .... This case! Is WAY bigger than it looks in the pic and WAY cooler!
  16. I don't think there is an adaptor available for that. Best bet would be a USB -xpress dealy. I had the same problem with my old Dell 9100 trying to find a xpress aircard, ended up having to use a USB cross-over.
  17. Hey have you still got this card?
  18. Just like the title says I need a couple of XP's for some old junk I'm fiddling with
  19. Got this ram a couple days ago, packaged good and works great Thanks!
  20. That is not a bad deal, but I have been thinking about waiting for AMD new chips this winter. That way I could buy a cheaper X2 setup now and upgrade later cause it will use the same socket. But still looking for a good deal on core 2 stuff.
  21. Hey guys I'm looking for some core 2 stuff. I need Ram, a CPU and a mobo. Let me know what u guys have laying around. I don't want to spend any more than $500. Thanks
  22. If u still have this card I'll buy it asap Cash sent
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