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  1. I know. My teacher said that we might have one of thoes duh! moments if we figure it out.
  2. In Calculus class the other day, the teacher gave us a problem to do as a challange. The Question is... x^x^x^x^x... = 2. (x to the power of x to the power of x an infinite amount of times equals 2) What is x? Now I know that ln(e)=1 and that 2ln(e)=2. I've sat here for the last hour playing around with logs and e. But I am getting nowhere. Does anyone want to offer any help or solution? Would be most appreshated.
  3. emery - walls its good Rock/Screamo music, not to screamish though.
  4. haha im a 17 year old male and i got... Jane Birkin 65% Leonardo DiCaprio 62% Isabelle Huppert 61% Hillary Duff 60% Julie Christie 59% interesting, maybe because i have sorta longish hair for a guy, no sholder length stuff.
  5. i know itunes files only work with itunes and a ipod. but there are programs to convert them so they can be usd elsewhere.
  6. i use itunes to put my legal! music on my ipod.
  7. Im not active in politics and don't follow them much but... i read about the election in the news paper today and it truely is amazing, while everyone might not support bush or his efforts, the army and white house did an outstanding job. Hopefully it will not crumble.
  8. i believe, it helps them stay closer to 12. Half the amps(right word?) on each line.
  9. that wasn't drifting, maybe if it was a car and snowy... my fwd civic can "drift" the same as your truck/suv whatever it is, but i've already almost went over a curb this winter already so I take it easy now.
  10. What coolers come with coupons for free squeezy cheese, that would sell me on a product, haha. Now on topic, it all depends on how much you want to spend and how much loudness(english?) you can handle.
  11. In North Brunswick, Central Jersey we got out, I still went out at like 8am to go over a friends and only a few of the sideroads were unplowed but a lot of fun to drive down in my little civic.
  12. NEVER! I call it a POS sometimes if it acts up but thats all.
  13. why do you need cheats??? it is a very simple, easy game. im at 60% after a few days of casual gaming.
  14. it might be in the manual or on the cd-case.
  15. my friend has two hookahs he got from Israel, when he went there for school. But i've never smoked out of one.
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