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  1. Which cabinet would be advisable for Core i7 - 2600 at around 170 $???
  2. Sorry about the wierd wording... I only have a 9400 GT, nothing else.... I'm gonna buy the parts form some shop in my locality (India). There are no sites for purchasing hardware here.
  3. I do not have an i3. I only have a 9400 GT which I now decided to change anyway. I''ll buy a Radeon HD with Crossfire X support... Also which processor would be better, an i7 2600 or an i5 2500k??
  4. Nah...and what models are available are not recent.....
  5. Also you guys are sure that I can't keep the 9400 GT for the kind of gaming I have in mind????
  6. Hey guys.. My specifications as well as my budget have changed. My new specs are Intel Core i5 2500K Asus P8P67....what about the Asus P8H67-M PRO?? 4GB DDR3 Kingston 1 TB Seagate HDD My choice of cabinets remains the same... 500 W S.M.P.S (Corsair / Cooler Master) Whjat do you think about my new specifications?? Any advice or suggestions would be welcome..... Also I live in India so the hardware costs here are pretty high compared to the States.... AMD is not available here..........but TheSmith, your suggestion was awesum...I truly appreciate it and I'm disappointed that I can't buy it... Well guys..any and all help is appreciated (again)...Thanks for all the gr8 advise you ppl have given me till now.....
  7. Also please give me the links for guides detailing everything regarding assembly...including the connecting of the wires to the motherboard, PSU, CPU fans, etc. etc.... Please help..!!
  8. Okay guys.... Because of your advice I've decided to change my specs... the Core i3 part and the Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT remains the same (as I already have it)(I am going to upgrade my card before I buy the i5 though) As per your suggestions I will buy the CM 690 II Advance / Plus (depending on availability)(if I had to choose between the CM Storm Scout or the CM Storm Enforcer or the NZXT Lexa S which should I choose???) 4 GB RAM (now Kingston) I'll see about the Power Supply as all of you guys warned me about buying a quality power supply As for motherboards I am thinking of the Asus P8P67 or the pro version(also I meant Either SLI or Crossfire...not both) Feel free to comment or advise me about the new specs Any and all help is welcome.... Also I wanna buy a 20'' LED monitor.... which company(and model) should I go for.... Thanks in advance.........
  9. I want to play games like Assassins Creed:Brotherhood, Call of Duty:MW2 etc. etc. and I plan to buy a 20'' LED.... I'm going for a core i3 2100 and have an NVidia Geforce 9400 GT. The options for cabinet are.. 1.CM 690 II Advanced/Plus 2.CM Storm Enforcer 3.CM Storm Scout 4.NZXT Lexa S Power Supply...VIP 500 W Gold 4 GB Ram (Transcend) Also I'm gonna get an i5 in the future and I want a motherboard compatible with both i3 and i5 and overclocking once I buy the i5. Please suggest an motherboard (Intel,Gigabyte,ASUS)(LGA 1155) costing around 110$ with Crossfire capability/SLI capability Also feel free to comment and advise me as to how exactly I should go about building this system as this is my first build. This is my plan as of now but it can be changed depending on your advise... Please help me.......any and all help is greatly appreciated My budget as previously mentioned is 650$... Thanks in advance
  10. The choices I am considering are: http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-in2020/pd http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-p2011h/pd http://www.dell.com/ed/business/p/dell-e2011h/pd Please help me decide and also give me any other options in the same budget range if possible... I need your help deciding..
  11. My budget does not allow me to buy more than a Core i3 so which is better 2100 or 2120??Please give your advice...
  12. So the addition of extra fans does not make the case noisy right???
  13. I dont care about the noise.... the cooling is more important..... Stat wise the 690 II looks better in terms of cooling... But the Storm looks damn cool... Im confused...
  14. can you guys give me reasons...you know like pros and cons of both the cabinets and how well they will suit me in the long run??
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