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  1. I use the card to hash so I just need a good GPU clock and don't care about memory clock. I have 3 cards and 2 mobo, each card have been tested and a mobo alone and each of them reach the 1000MHz (I tested them with TRIXX). Now I have one of them on a mobo at 1000/350/1200mv so it's OK. But on the second mobo when I use TRIXX with the good option that normaly OC both there is just one card overclocked. I suppose that TRIXX card overclock 2 card but only if they are in crossfire and it's not the case in my mobo.
  2. With MSI AB I can reach 900MHz max, I can't go to 1000MHz, in addition with MSI AB I can't change voltage...
  3. They can all reach 1000MHz, I tried all of them 1 by 1 and all can reach 1000MHz/350MHz/1200mV I just don"t konw how overclock the second one
  4. Hi, I am not an english speaking person so I hope you will undersatand me I have on my windows 7 64 bit 2 ATI Sapphire 5850 Xtreme. With TRIXX I can overclock the first one at 1000MHz for the GPU, 350MHz for the Memory and 1200mV (this is not for game or benchmark) I want the same configuration on my second card but I don't know how to do it. I tried to use AMD Engine Control Center, it OC both but I can't go over 900MHz for the GPU and I can't change voltage. Same with MSI After Burner, I can't go over 1000MHz or change voltage. I already tried to change the .cfg of MSI AB but this didn't change anything. Did my only solution is to flash the bios? If this is the case can you give me an appropriat bios for my card? Thanks
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