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  1. SOLD Also 21" NEC multisync crt monitor
  2. alxxx

    Burn everything that is in a folder

    would Acronis true image do, i know you can select what data you want to back up , and you can choose how you want it, ie one big block or in parts for DVDs
  3. alxxx

    Amd 3700+ Socket 754

    I used it for about 8 months for folding, i upgraded and stuck the chip in the draw, its been there ever since
  4. alxxx

    Amd 3700+ Socket 754

    yep thats british pounds
  5. alxxx

    Amd 3700+ Socket 754

    i have one, i in the uk though, but i do want to sell as it,s not doing anything, just sitting in a draw
  6. alxxx

    Possible Video Card Failure

    well i have tried the fix that i linked to in my previous post and well no blue screens and nothings broken, i have played farcry on and off for about 2 hours so far, going to test some more before i say anything else
  7. alxxx

    Possible Video Card Failure

    well i googled the error and it seems that the nv4 disp.dll crash/loop has been aroud for a while now i found references going back to 2001, all discribing the same sort of symptoms and all with the nv4 disp.dll and page fault in non paged area, i am trying this at the moment http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=4432 it might be from a year ago but it hasn't done any harm yet , i have tried farcry and no crash -- yet buy the way this is the blue screen that i got/get is it the same as yours lt_navvara ??? will try another hd if this fails
  8. alxxx

    Possible Video Card Failure

    ok i spoke to soon, it just blue screened on me again , so changing drivers is not it, on the blue screen it said something about non_paged_memory, i would have read it properly but the sound was going in a loop (farcry), so now i'm out of ideas as i have adjusted just about every setting in the bios that can be changed and it still happens, and i can prime and memtest for atleast 24 hours with no problems, this problem only started when i put the nvidia card in so it looks like I might have to go back to my ati card
  9. alxxx

    Possible Video Card Failure

    I had the same error come up as well (nv4 display.dll), it most often came up while playing farcry, I tried adjusting memory timings and everything, which still didn't fix it, in the end i changed drivers from 91.31 to 91.47 and all seems to be ok now,
  10. alxxx

    Wth Am I Doing Wrong?

  11. alxxx

    Wheres My Dna Strand?

    I have turned in more than one forsure http://folding.extremeoverclocking.com/use....php?s=&u=87629 and i have double checked still the same user name and still team 12772. the second one was form way back when i first started folding, over a year ago. I want my strand back
  12. alxxx

    Wheres My Dna Strand?

    Ok, guess i just feel a bit lost without it
  13. alxxx

    Wheres My Dna Strand?

    Ive just noticed my dna strand has gone , i haven't stopped folding, how do i get it back? i had a bit of trouble with my computer two weeks ago (last time i let my son play far cry ) but i have been folding regulary again for the last two weeks, any ideas ?