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  1. So, it's time for a new HDD? it's about time, i can get a better brand, better speed and Sata 6gbps! that would make a difference! Thanks a lot guys
  2. I think i did a fresh install for win8... and that was more than year from today i guess, the drive it's pretty old, maybe 3 or 4 years these are the results from HD tune. I'll try disabling avg and see how it goes!
  3. It stays for like... maybe 5 minutes, sometimes even more! but, it happens randomly when using the computer not only at start up, response time goes up like crazy i've seen even 20k ms I'll give it a try and post the results!
  4. That's what i think, i ran HDD regen, and it says there's no problem at all. so, i really have no idea what it is
  5. Already did, i have AVG, Catalyst and steam and nothing else... and disabling those doesn't change anything
  6. Hello guys, I've been having some problems for a while, but i never really find any explanation about what exactly it is! so... i'll ask you ! First of all... i have a Hitachi Sata2 Drive 500gb don't really know the model or anything. When my windows starts its extremely slow! i have to give it a little time to load so i can open anything, the usage goes all the way to 100% as you can see in the screenshots! I tried a few things, like defrag and hdd regen, the usual stuff but nothing seems to work! Looking forward for your help! thanks
  7. Well, i'll try to get my hands on a Hyper 212 evo, and then keep bothering you guys with my OC issues ! (right now, i'm having issues with my RAM, but i'll get there later ) Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. Well, i mean, the difference is minimal or huge, the price is not that different... but... anyway, it can fit in my HAF 912, right ?
  9. Yo guys! i got a chance to buy these! is it better than the 212? http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=3049 It's reaaaaaaaally hard to find a cooler around here! the guy who sells them is out of 212 so he offered me that one!
  10. I was just checking ... besides the thermal paste i bought is really shitty D: I'm getting 39-42 iddle temps (On coretemp, bios shows even higher temps), i should get a better one and be careful for now, then a hyper 212 ! thanks guys !
  11. Yeah, i just asked because someone was going to give me one for free! I guess i stick with the original Hyper 212 plan .... and really? what where you doing here?
  12. Hey guys!! I want to know if i can put this: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx?C=1417&ID=2075 on a Phenom II x6 1090T. The cooler says it supports up to 100w (TDP i guess) but the phenom says 125 TDP... so i think it would be dangerous ! But, i'll just ask and read what you say to be sure and don't miss the oportunity !
  13. Yeah, i know that, but still... changing leds on a CM MegaFlow it's pretty easy, they just pop out! on the sickeflow i just don't know how it's done! And there's no tutorial or anything !
  14. DYI stands for... do it yourself? D: ! is just for aesthetic purposes ! changing the color scheme of the entire case to white
  15. Well, i hope nothing happens, because it's kinda hard to send something from here ... and... an Off-topic question >.<! Can u change the leds on a CM sickeflow?
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