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  1. hello hye,nice to meet u again here's some pics of my project,just a noob work done,the rad need to be mounted to d casing,will find out d way to do it very soon.sorry for bad image quality the most silly thing is,i didn't do any modding on the casing like what i've planning before
  2. okay bro,hope so my project running smoothly
  3. as expected the cutting should provide enough space for 240mm radiator,okay bro,thanks for all the information,starting to use WC system if i'm using cooler master haf-x,its should not be any problem for me,but dont want to spend more bucks for casing
  4. wow,as expected man,u've painted it white,i also planning to do so nice work done there! i just realized at your 1st post,i can see "the gray thing" on the top hazel,what is it?its like size of the radiator is smaller than the space provided after the cutting and u try to fit it nicely,am i right? Swiftech MCR220 dimension is 284 x 128 x 34 mm while Black Ice is 277 x 133 x 29.60 mm,so ST is a bit longer and thicker,so,in my opinion its still need to remove the fin only,no need to adjust others,i think u know what i mean.
  5. nice one bro, thanks at 1st u're panning to use Swiftech MCR220 right?but why change it to Black Ice GT 240 Stealth Radiator? i'll buy Swiftech MCR220 soon and this radiator is thicker than GT 240 and i'm most wondering now about the hubs,because its wider than GT 240 and afraid doesn't suit the 2 pre-holes on the top of the casing. so,in your opinion,does the MCR220 fit nicely with this casing? (after modding the hazel)
  6. hello hope i'm still not late to reply on this thread wevsspot i'm wondering how u attach the 240mm radiator on the top because this casing using 140mm fan on top,hope u can explain it to me p/s:using same casing as yours thanks