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  1. EDITED: I previously wrote a rant about Windows 8 here, but I decided to give it some more time before I pass judgement. If anyone has some helpful hints about dealing with the start screen that would be cool, but I'm going to see if I can get used to it. Also, I re-install Windows regularly. With Windows 7, I have been able to easily activate over the internet every time on the same computer. Is Windows 8 as easy, or is it going to give me a hassle if I try to activate it too many times? Thanks
  2. I don't drink coffee. When the going gets rough, I drink a ton of Diet Coke to stay awake, listen to loud music, make the room I'm in colder etc.
  3. *I'm not entering the contest* I just wanted to say I have SS3: BFE and it is a blast, but its not really a high-profile game, I wish the series was more popular. If you miss the good old days of Doom 2 style FPS gameplay, where you have an insane arsenal of weapons and massive hordes of monsters to kill, you will have a great time with this game. I will say it starts out linear and a bit slow, but around the time you get the double barreled shotgun, the environment opens up with huge maps filled to the brim with bizarre monsters/aliens wanting to kill you. No regenerating health, no cover systems, just you and your minigun or rocket launcher (among other crazy weapons) verses an army of baddies. This is the closest you will get to a "classic" style FPS you can get these days. I fully recommend it.
  4. I experienced the exact same problems with both of these drivers on my Z77 board, but what I found was the RST drivers crashed when a HDD was attached to a 3rd party controller (ASmedia SATA3). RAID or no RAID on the Intel controller, same problem. I was pulling my hair out over this problem, and I could find very little information about it online except 1 thread. I think its because the Intel storage option ROM in my BIOS firmware is old (11.0 something) and hasn't been updated yet (even with the lastest BIOS version for my board). I'm currently on with no problems.
  5. [email protected], in case you didn't know, is a distributed computing project that allows researchers to use the brute force of many normal computers to simulate protein folding, which is important to advancing knowledge in medicine and biology. Since you get points when you complete folding jobs, a highly oc'd computer with good specs will get more points per day than slower computers. Its kind of like a giant benchmarking game where you try to beat out the competitors' PCs, but the end result is more than just e-peen, its for a good cause, as medical discoveries can be made with the information. Some may choose not to participate for several reasons, maybe they use their computer for other intensive tasks too often, they are afraid folding for a long time can be hard on components, or maybe the energy use is too expensive. Others might not know or care about the project. (As stoner boy mentioned)
  6. 7zip is the best. Its free and open source. http://www.7-zip.org/
  7. LOL both of those lines have the first letters GROMACS Apparently GROMACS is "A molecular dynamics package primarily designed for biomolecular systems such as proteins and lipids." Makes sense that FAH would use it. Funny FAH easter egg there with the variations of the acronym lol.
  8. As I've said before, the newest AMD chips can get close or stack up to intel's top-of-the-line procs if you are stressing every core 100%. They have muscle, but you have to give them a punishing load before they start to flex it. That score also probably has much more to do with your quad-fire 7970 setup though. You are the lowest score with that GPU setup, probably because its bottlenecked slightly by the CPU vs guys with the Intel X79 setups. Still a killer combination though.
  9. I always use my ESD wrist strap. I live in bone dry Arizona, so building up static electricity is pretty easy, especially in a carpeted room. I'm a little paranoid about it. I even got a humidifier to help reduce the problem a bit. A few times I've generated a powerful enough shock that it was painful.
  10. I have a pretty similar build. I think the Sabertooth Z77 is a great board and the 3770k is a great CPU. This combination is a solid core to your system. I don't think you can really get a better than this in a similar price range. If you wanted to drop some more money to build a truly powerful workstation, I'd say go Sabertooth X79 and the i7 3930k. 6 cores & quad channel RAM would be a significant benefit to video encoding speeds. Have you thought about an SSD? They really make a difference, every little thing you do is faster. I couldn't go back to booting off an regular HDD now lol. I'd recommend a faster GPU as well. I know some video encoding/editing programs use OpenCL or CUDA to use your GPU to help accelerate the process, so a faster GPU could help there too. I love my THOR V2 case. I really don't have any problems with it. Plenty of space to work around inside and an excellent Front Panel with plenty of connectors and good spacing between them. Sufficient cable management holes to work with. Its also reasonably priced. Good luck!
  11. Here's what you need to get you going. http://vlc-bluray.whoknowsmy.name/ This worked perfectly for me with both VLC & Media Player Classic! Thanks! If anyone else is having problems, make sure you put the KEYDB.cfg in /AppData/Roaming/aacs not just /AppData/aacs
  12. I'd take it as good news because it won't be held back by current generation console hardware, at least in the graphics department. I also wish there were more pc exclusive complex RPGs, but I expected it on consoles anyways. At least now we know it won't be held back as much. Now just pray for a good PC UI and control scheme.
  13. What if we sign in with our facebook account? Should I change my facebook password?
  14. Looks sick if you were going to build a video editing/encoding workstation. Second only to the i7-3960x in handbrake, that is some serious power, for only $220. If I was going to build a new secondary rig, this would be the CPU i'd use in it. For people complaining about the single threaded performance, can you name ONE program that is only single threaded which is intensive enough to for you to actually notice a drop in performance compared to, say, a i7 3770k? What I'm getting at is that most single threaded programs are office/productivity focused, and older games. Do you really need massive power for programs like that? I'm no AMD fanboy, I've been buying Intel for my last 4 rigs, but you have to admit this is some powerful hardware at a great price.
  15. Nvidia's forums are still down. Try Guru3d.com's Nvidia driver section. Here is the specific thread for this driver: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=370098 I haven't tried these out yet, but I might skip them now. Seems some people aren't getting the promised FPS improvements and the new Physx packaged with this driver doesn't work with some games (at least Metro 2033, Batman: AC, UT3). I didn't read very much of the thread, but I will stick with WHQL for now.
  16. The 12.11 drivers are offline, AMD requested the link at Guru3d be taken down too. They discovered some bugs and are going to release a new build later today.
  17. I live in Arizona, and we've got the loosest gun laws in the US. Practically anyone can have a concealed weapon on at anytime, anywhere, no permit needed. I personally believe that the lack of gun regulation may be somewhat ill-advised, but people do love their guns here. It would certainly be cool to own a gun and go shooting in the desert, but I don't feel the need to carry one on me at all times (I don't own any weapons myself).
  18. Duke Nukem by Megadeth Awesome.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HW_9SGrc4Oo
  19. My kittens Spock & Kirk, when we first adopted them in august. Spock (the one with his eyes being covered), LOVES to get behind my computers and chew on wires , but I love him anyways .
  20. If you throw a lightweight Linux distro on it, it could still be a useful computer. Something simple and light like Linux Mint LXDE or Lubuntu could give you an up to date OS that can more easily run on that old hardware with minimal effort. I'm sure that your friend isn't into computers enough to be interested in Linux, but thats what I would do with it anyways.
  21. Yep, run Prime95, see if you get any errors, and use Realtemp or HWmonitor to see where the temperatures are. I would open Event Viewer and see if you can get more information of about these errors and crashes you are getting. Be careful though, not every "error" in Event Viewer is really bad. I know a there is a least one on my computer that comes up a lot that Microsoft says to just ignore because its a bug in SP1 for Windows 7.
  22. What irks me is that if you no longer agree with an update of the Steam end user agreement, you lose access to all of your games purchased under the previous agreement. At this point, people have so many Steam games (literally thousands of dollars of games for some of us), that Valve could put whatever they want in that agreement and force us to accept it by holding all of our games hostage. I have a mental image of Gabe with a gun to head of the embodiment of my gaming life, and a sheet of paper in front of me I must sign, or he pulls the trigger. I love Valve, and I have confidence they wouldn't want to exploit any of their loyal fans and customers, but that is heck of a lot of power.
  23. I voted for Intersteller Marines! I've been waiting for this game forever! I will definitely pick that up when its available. Its looking very polished. They cite Rainbow Six 3, System Shock 2, and Half-Life as their inspiration. I could definitely go for some Tactical Sci-Fi FPS action with role playing elements.
  24. If you do get the original doom games and want to get the most from them, definately get the Zdoom source port! http://zdoom.org/Download It supports running natively on Windows, high resolutions (I play at 1920x1080), mouse support, better sound than DOSbox, all pretty much without losing the original feel of the game. It doesn't add fancy effects or textures, but it makes the original game much easier to play on modern systems. I'll probably skip this package myself. I've already got all the games, and Doom 3 doesn't look that much improved in the preview. Mods can do a better job if thats what your after.
  25. I guess he could, I know my university had lab coats we could buy for chemistry classes, but they were specially made to be fire/chemical resistant, and were expensive if I remember correctly. While a real lab coat would be awesome, I was just thinking of costs. Just looking online, professional lab coats don't seem to run too expensive at all, just around $15-$20 USD. College students get ripped off at every turn !
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