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  1. ngoswami007

    Various CPU Temperature Comparisons

    Mine is : cpu : AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE with the processor provided cooling system ( too noisy though ) Temperatures as stated by ASUS PC PROBE II : idle temp. : 41oC load temp. : 49oC room temp. : 27oC i am not OCing and for load check i just played the game Prince Of Persia Two Thrones ( couldn't download the recommended softwares due to very slow internet connection due to bad weather.......)
  2. ngoswami007

    I'm new here

    Hi friends out there............. I've joined this community to learn about overclocking but the only thing that restricts me from doing that is hot conditions out here in India........ I'd like to make friends with u people out there.......... if you wish to make friends then please do contact me at [email protected]