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  1. Hey everyone!! I'm looking to buy a new monitor and would like to know if AOC Monitors are good or not. I was thinking of getting Samsung, so which would be better? Also my graphics card is a GTX 550Ti. So I was wondering what's the maximum resolution at which the GTX 550Ti can run games with full graphics? Will it be able to run games like Crysis 2 at 1920x1080 resolution (21.5" monitors), or at 1360x768 resolution (18.5" monitors)? which will be better? AOC or Samsung? and 21.5" or 18.5"? thanks in advance!!! :D

  2. Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy a graphics card and I have decided to take the ECS GTX 550 Ti http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] 6814134130 but I never heard of this brand. So now I'm confused as to the reliability of their cards, are they good? I live in Bangladesh and I don't have much option to get cards from other manufacturers, it's either ECS or Gigabyte. We do get ASUS cards here but problem is it'll be a long time before the ASUS 550 Ti's are here and I can't wait that long. So are the ECS cards good? I have a Thermaltake TR2 450W PSU so getting a GTX 460/Radeon 6850 won't be proper because they consume more power, right?


    I was also wondering which samsung monitor would be best for gaming and watching movies with the 550Ti? Will the 21.5" (1920x1080) monitors be better with the 550 Ti or will the 18.5" (1366x768) be better?


    Eagerly waiting for your help! :)

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