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  1. They look pretty interesting. Waterford, Michigan.
  2. Congrats ciddono on the grand prize, and the other winners also. As always, a nicely done Christmas event done by OCC.
  3. An update on the dates of my RMA. July 8--First email to XFX about the problem July 10-- Response from XFX with RMA#. Sent card to XFX July 18-- XFX emailed me back with tracking# of new card. July 23-- Got the card in the mail. They sent me a 6870. It has definitely been used but is working like a charm for the past week and a half. So basically it only took 2 weeks and $12 for shipping them the old 5850. All in all I was very satisfied with the ease of the process. That's my 2 cents.
  4. My XFX 5850 (yeah I know its 3 years old) finally started getting all kinds of grey screens once it got taxed (like loading maps in TF2). Just for kicks I pulled out the box and it said lifetime warranty. I sent the XFX support an email about the issue and the steps I had taken to determine the card was the problem. 2 Days later I got an email back asking for an invoice showing I bought it. I emailed the guy that and within an hour I had a response with the RMA #. After filling out a few forms I just sent it back to them yesterday. Has anyone done the rma process with them lately? And about how long did it take once you sent it in? So far am pretty satisfied with the process, sent the first email Sunday night and got a response Tuesday morning and RMA # later that day. Hopefully the rest will go well, just looking for other's experiences.
  5. Sad to hear the news, our condolences to his family.
  6. Nicely done OCC !!!! As always, a great event! Now back to guarding the hallway so I can intercept little ones trying to get a head start at some presents. Merry Christmas!!!
  7. It goes without saying, this contest/event always is top notch. Big thanks to Bosco for taking time to do it every year. Thanks to the sponsors who always donate stuff for the contest!! Good luck all.
  8. That kinda bites, as I too was looking forward to killing some stuff/pixels this weekend. Guess I will do plan "B" using my rake I will kill some lily pads and seaweed that started growing near our beach area. Fun times
  9. I have one last extra key also if someone needs one. The game looks pretty cool from the demo's -- should be fun playing. Edit----Onion check your inbox.
  10. Add me to the "wanna be in this beta" list. Sounds pretty interesting.
  11. First time winner after all those years. The Patriot SSD will be a nice upgrade. Grats to all the winners, and to all the great sponsors. One heck of a contest Bosco! Can't wait until next year.
  12. Stachman31


    I just pre-ordered my copy today, so I am sure that it will be a few days before I get access. I looked under the guild portion on the swtor account and it said the guild was going to be placed on the Dreshdae Cantina server. So I guess that is where I am heading once I get in. On a side note-Jack- that server your playing on is that maybe named ShadowHand? I saw in the announcements that server has some maintenance coming to it. Thats always scary with new servers for sure.
  13. Spectacular list for sure this year!! Nice work on getting great prizes. As I peer inside my PC, I see Asus, Sapphire, Corsair, GSkill, Noctua, Intel----all of whom donated. I would suspect that is the case for a majority of us here. Talk about hitting the right target audience! Good luck to all.
  14. Stachman31

    MW3 Coach Needed

    The best part is the "420 friendly is a plus" in his ad.
  15. I was able to spend some time on Sunday playing. I chose republic trooper. I found the story quests to be pretty good, meaning not too easy or difficult. Needless to say they take some time for sure. One thing that seemed to take forever was travelling between cities, if you walked. Finding those speeder taxi services is SO worth it. Just had to remember to find those little posts to save that city's position so you can quick travel. Once I completed the main quest I got my companion around lvl10. Wow, that helps so much for sure. Although it opened up a whole lot of more mind bending worms. Like more reading on how to use him, how to keep him equipped as well as other tasks that he can do. As I only had 6 hours to play, I still was able to make it up to lvl 13. I chose the vanguard sub-class or whatever it was called at the big starfleet base. That place was so big and kind of confusing when it comes to picking your skills. I will definitely have to read up on the forums when it comes to that. All in all, I only had one shutdown in the whole 6 hours. I never had any sort of lag issues. Which for a beta/stress test seemed pretty good. I had a few spots where in the cut scenes some characters had some spots where it looked like half of their chest was missing. Overall, I thought the game worked well, and I will probably pre-order it this week. Just keep in mind, there is so much stuff in the game that it will make your brain tired without a doubt. So many options to choose regarding the crafting/crew skills, definitely worth reading the forums beforehand so your not stuck with something crappy that doesn't help your character. This trial left a bad taste in my mouth----I wanted to play MORE ! ! ! !
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