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  1. 5 hours on bare hands? man you've got the patience. but it pays you off after all. love those grains
  2. my front intake 120mm CM blue LED fan goes squeaking yesterday. take it out today for a re-lube....works like a charm for the second time around since what i did last year. it's been running since december 2009, not bad after all
  3. i'm typing for a reply but i'm not that fast as you guys up there to sum it all up, this is what in my thoughts; better save then start all over for a new/modern rig imo.
  4. not too late for chrismas, the wife gave me the VX239H monitor that i'm eyeing for. thank/love you Anna!
  5. Whats that you say? You don't want that? Well, PM me and I'll gladly give you my address so you can ship it here. no, he'll split them into three
  6. sword_fish


    sounds like your new wheel suits you idk, am i the only one who drives, do game yet not interested with any racing games.weird....
  7. isn't it evga offers the best warranty policy/protection around? but unfortunately found out that we're amongst who doesn't covered by those (lifetime?)
  8. wondering what's with the 3H at LG's anti glare feature. i'm fine with the VX's "regular" matte screen tho and i have this window just behind/left by my desk yet my monitor was absolutely glare free. so did with my desk lamp either room's overhead LED lighting.
  9. cherish? wifey: "hey i think you're spending much time staring with your new monitor than me lately eh, and dont you know it's 2 in the morning?" jealous ?...my fault?... those icons, yep but idk i just hate clutter at my desktop and those four will be there just for awhile. thanks! how about the VX279H? no regrets thanks! i just took your word for it
  10. it's been 4 months i've been itching for a new bigger monitor and it's with the Asus VX239H AH-IPS i settled with...finally. on a side note; there were numerous times that wife seen me browsing with this monitor and maybe she thought how much i wanted a new one. off to the mall we go last Thursday for a break, and later asked where i can get my monitor. it's my late Christmas gift from her. here she goes; bunch of people here dont get their cables complete, luckily i got mine standing side by side with my Sammy fired up in comparison though i got only 2" gain with the old one yet it looks bigger and better in person. out of the box; everything looks nice, i might tweak a few notch down with the contrast tho... it's my first time with an IPS because gaming @ COD WaW, MW3, MoHWF, BF3.... i'm not a hard core gamer so i cant really justify if there's such ghosting or input lag. afaik theres none and i cannot tell the difference between 2ms with my samsung vs 5ms gtg with the Asus, looks/feels just the same imo. it's the new colors and detail that pops out what i noted with my new monitor. not to mention with it's sleek & stylish design, such a beauty all i can say. and thank you guys for helping me out here, i have no regrets with my new monitor
  11. i agree. i'm not an audiophile but i can hear and tell the difference between that cheaper speakers that i used to have as compared with the upgraded ones(car audio). not that much margins with the amps either.
  12. true, and funny strange i've seen a couple of those who placed their 5 satellites all up front with the TV
  13. i have this http://asia.yamaha.com/en/products/audio-visual/av-receivers-amps/rx-v350_asia/?mode=model'>Yamaha RX-V350 with 5 satellite speakers + 1 powered sub as a gift from my father years back. it's more than enough to fill our small living room with good to excellent sound tracks/effects at the movies. though i preferred the 2.1 mode with music. tried once hooking it up with my PC just to try "real" 5.1 with the games feels like somewhat, but i found out that i need Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect which my cheap Audigy Value card doesn't support any...not satisfied with pro-logic so back it goes in the living room. i'm happy now with my headset or else there would be flying pillows from the wife if i game with the Yamaha at night
  14. congrats ciddono! i didn't get anything this Christmas from OCC..yet it doesn't mean disappointment or sadness. but truly there's happiness when you see someone else deserved to be happy specially this Christmas, you deserved that amazing rig man. and thank you Bosco, bless you for bringing the smile/happiness in our faces this Christmas. that's absolute success with your effort.
  15. 10++ hours to go... time seems running too slow. like a kid excitedly waiting for Christmas... aren't you guys? good luck and merry Christmas to everyone!
  16. congrats! you've just got the best gift scott, sweet cute babies!
  17. there's no subject line with my e-mail and it's my mistake that i didn't asked first what it would be before i send my e-mail. until Andrew asked for it. tho i didn't bothered to resend another one with a subject line thinking not to screw up my entry. am i out?
  18. thanks boss! how time suddenly runs slow the moment OCC announced the christmas giveaway contest good luck to everyone
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