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  1. now we've got clear figures from wev let's hope for the best for your new card.
  2. your fans' setup looks fine tho. and i presumed you've got air conditioned room with your rig, your ambient got ~10 degrees lower than mine's(no aircon) but my 560Ti hits around 70sh while gaming with 34+- ambient. your card looks hot for me. are you having that temp since day one?
  3. though i have no idea how r9 270 behaves with their temps but room ambient matters and same with the airflow. 3 intake fans but how much for your exhaust? stagnant hot air inside the case perhaps? anyways, seems there's nothing we can do with your card atm but hope that you didn't void your warranty for a claim.
  4. if your gpu suddenly shoot up to 84 (if that's not common with it) then there's something wrong with your card. or there might be something messed up when you disassembled it.
  5. keep it, and yeah owning a bike do save me money. gas and time.
  6. ^great, you're used to manual transmissions so surely you'll learn the ropes with big bikes in no time. i drive both manual & automatic cars though i'm leaning towards the auto when these horrible traffic is killing me. same with the bike or i'm just lazy
  7. nice bike Onion. just go easy & drive safe always.
  8. **Added** What voltage is it running at? IVY, my GPU clock runs @ 880mHz.(factory) never messed any and everything runs at stock still since i got my card, and tbh i have no idea what certain voltage it runs at yet i'm happy with it somehow and to keep it stay much longer would be great cause i'm too broke for an upgrade.
  9. MSI---GTX 560Ti Twinfrozr II 1GB OC edition---79.5%--all at factory default---sword_fish
  10. Intel Core i7 920 MSI X58 Pro-E 6 GB Corsair Platinum series 1333Mhz MSI NGTX560 Ti 1GB OC Edition Cooler Master V8 2 x 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue @ RAID 0 (Boot/Programs/Games) 1 x 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue (storage) 1 x 640GB Western Digital Caviar Green (storage) Asus DVD Light-scribe Optical Drive Asus VX239H Razer Arctosa Silver Edition Razer Piranha Corsair M60 Lancool Dragonlord PC-K56 Antec TP750 Country: Philippines
  11. ^ nice! now i wonder how those case manufacturers hated you lolz
  12. yeah, why with the looks with a case but if it conks then. 8 years sitting by that shelf without any troubles makes your rig stand out. and hey, liked how you rigged those HDDs
  13. got the nike free 4.0 v3. liked it much than 3.0 & 5.0, and black looks nice for me.
  14. sounds like airflow gone restricted why so did the exhaust and cpu temps increased.
  15. cant deny there are people out there still who don't have the idea what's with a good and cheap/bad PSU.
  16. updated my post and i'm keeping my fingers crossed
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