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  1. yes that's exactly what i'm doing atm, but it's when in a hurry and being forgetful sometimes i'm worried if i or somebody else uses the car(brother would be) just shut off the engine so sudden.
  2. nice! and guys, may i ask are you with turbo timers? i read lots about it and want to have one for our pick up. price with the car dealer is a total rob but my warranty is at risk if i buy/install it elsewhere. that made me think which is.
  3. ^ this, i tried a friend's rig @ 32" and it looks nice for me both on windows environment & games. if only i have the budget for that 27" X-star or a decent 32" then that would be my monitor today, though i'm happy atm with my 23" IPS 1080p.
  4. since the truck doesn't comes with a volt meter, i bought this device @ Php 960.00 shipped with a cabin thermometer in tandem; engine off @ idle with aircon it's plug and play so i have no worries with the car's warranty
  5. came across this old video yet it made my day [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  6. i want to try it under water
  7. nice! that prize fits perfectly for you guys. how i love Craftsman tools.
  8. i'm here silently following everything what ya doin with your car. liked em after all
  9. same goes here, tho mine's not in water but it's the crazy cost of power bills and safety that's why i dont leave my rig unattended for long periods of time.
  10. might be overlooked, does printer set as shared at entire network?
  11. just a few days ahead of you Stoner. idk but it's OCC was like second home, a day wont pass without paying a visit. how good it is to hang out with what you called those bunch of idiots.
  12. help come both ways, that was a good read Panda
  13. ^ +1 here. and by looking at v71's pictures; there's no complicated curves with it's side panel window so it's somewhat easy to cut/replace the acrylic.
  14. yeah, and i cant imagine how much time and effort it could save me doing such things with that toy.
  15. found the quick specs with the project air compressor; Direct Drive 2HP Motor 24L Tank Capacity 61 Liters of Free Flowing air per minute 115 max psi hmm..i guess it would be enough for my intended use, thanks panda!
  16. ^ i'm thinking of getting an air compressor too. and i found a lot of this used for cheap(PHp 3.5K) at a thrift shop; i dont know about those non belt driven ones as compared with this type: what i thought the former would be fine for light duty purposes. eg. occasional dusting the car's engine bay / my PC and the likes. please let me hear from panda how that compressor works for you.
  17. that looks nice Onion, top it up with a decent pair of gloves then you're good to go. vrooom!
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