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  1. me neither often found myself browsing those car supplies/diy shops. trying to find stuffs that will fit with my plans tweaking around with my rig when boredom attacks, and yeah it pays i'm a big fan of those "goose neck" sleeves, we have here the black plastic ones in wide range of sizes. with this "tough looking" sleeves, i made my sloppy looking PSU into a much beefier one
  2. i'll hope for the best with my keyboard then , kept my fingers crossed here lol! i have second thoughts btw why i didnt get the arctosa instead.... but never mind
  3. i have the arctosa for a year now yet going strong still, yeah maybe they just unlucky to get those lemon units... idk
  4. now that what you call skills, amazing! better to have "Pimp my Rig" on the title eh?
  5. this bothered me also with my MSI GTX560-Ti Twin Frozr II OC edition running at factory clock speeds with the latest drivers installed(280.26) observed it twice i think at different occasions; first after just booting up my PC and the last while i was just simply browsing. and thanked that it didnt show up again since.
  6. good to hear it works fine now, and i rather stay with the stock/factory speed either if i were in your shoes "i'm not an expert" but i presumed that there's something messed up in that board due to that "flexing". i suspect it was the voltage regulating circuit cause it lays right on the spot where you have that obvious pcb flexing, cold or loosed solder perhaps? and i believe it has something to do with the OCing. i got this image somewhere here at OCC at the vapor-x 5870s reviews, though it's from sapphire's but i guess it doesn't make any big difference at all.
  7. yeah, seems you over tightened those zip ties making the pcb flexed. then shortened a circuit somewhere underneath the heatsink.
  8. tbh, i have poor knowledge when we are dealing about liquid cooling atm idk...maybe i'll dive in soon either if i will be hit with the "itch" and if the budget permits which is the main reason why i'm not interested with it for now ..lol! by seeing those strange awesome looking hardwares; i guess they will rock the house!
  9. i'm afraid my CPU might end up in the trash bin if i mess around with that lapping technique lol. anyways,you did a pretty mirror shine finish like what i've seen around at youtube doing those stuffs keep those pics coming
  10. yes she was! and good thing that "shorted" wire didnt create so much damage around....cheers! oh, i noticed your "sub" there... awesome!
  11. no, latest driver is 280.26 i have the MSI GTX560-Ti OC edition try to install the latest
  12. excellent craftsmanship! cant wait to see this interesting project finished and running, subscribed to this.
  13. it's my curiosity ends me up running a 2 x 500GB WD caviar blue @ RAID-0. hmmm.... i'm not saying it's the best but way better than my single physical HDD setup. then others said; whooo... RAID-0 makes hassles... if one of your HDD fails you're dead, blah..blah,,, my first try with RAIDing actually was with my two old 160GB seagate barracudas, and i knew that one of those 2 160GB will fail any moment cause it's way older then the other and it has experienced some sort of abuse(unintended sharp shocks/bumps with the CPU while running, those days when i'm not still aware of keeping our HDD safe ) and so it died... did i lost my data? nah, i always backup my files as a safety routine. bottom line; backup
  14. i have the MSI GTX560-Ti Twinfrozr II OC edition, everything worked fine. simply awesome!
  15. @ OP we have the same CPU, still runs at stock speeds here either and i got the cooler master V8( w/o mods, fan spins at max without noise problem) coupled with Tuniq TX-3. room ambient temp around 30deg Celcius, pretty warm/hot here. my temps; i got the idea to have the V8 from a friend who had the same CPU and cooler, but he OCd his @ around 3.8ghz hitting the temps at 60~65deg max if i were not mistaken. he added another fan facing the rear chassis to have the push-pull config. later he decided to push his CPU further to hit the 4.0ghz mark but opt to stay with air cooling, bought the Cocage Arrow this time and used 3 of those Yate Loon fans to replace the cooler's single stock fan. his idle temps now @ around 33deg C, forgot his results with the prime95 tests but AFAIK... he was never disappointed with his new cooler.
  16. agreed with the headroom for the future, i'm aiming for tha corsair's tx750w either for my PSU upgrade soon. the TX750w has tons of positive reviews around(rock solid wattage rating, cooling etc..) and just having a lone downside for others which is a non-modular PSU but that would not be an issue on my part. hence it would be a challenge for me (and i love it coz i love messing around with cables ) to run my PC with a neat/organized cables despite with the TX750's non modular make. i will try my luck to hunt for the TX750 V2 model (80 plus bronze certified) but i would be fine with the TX750 80 plus standard version if cant find one edit; http://www.corsair.com/power-supplies/non-modular-psus/enthusiast-series-1/enthusiast-series-tx750-v2-80-plus-bronze-certified-750-watt-high-performance-power-supply.html let's go with the corsair TX750 dude!
  17. @ IVYTHOS & KWOK yeah, i like travolta also but the name doesnt mean about it. and honestly i failed to watch that movie though i heard that it was a hit. mind to hear a story how i got this name? hmmmm.... about five years ago im into fresh water fish keeping as a hobby and i have a 6 footer length(around 120++ gal) tank and a spoiled brat 3 year old arrowana housed in it. btw, i named my late pet as "FISH".. lol! and that was my 'first time' to join a forum(fish keeping forums), thinking what to type for my name and bam! very spontaneous out of nowhere sword_fish came and i used it since for my numerous accounts with those different forum sites about cars, PC and everything can i associate it with my former fish hobby? i dont think so... and yeah, to go fishing is one of my frustrations, it's too expensive here to fish. did i get it there? nah.... maybe how it swiftly like a swordfish entered my mind how i get it, idk... but afaik, i love this name and it would be 'sword_fish' until the internet/forums exist. haha! @ all i was delighted to see how warm you welcomed me here, and now i know that its not a failure joining this club.
  18. hello guys! a little late introducing myself here but better than never hope i had a good landing on this site and learn more from you guys.... cheers!
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