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  1. ok let me try... a key chain with a foreign country name on.
  2. c'mon WARDOZERX, we're not your brother!
  3. i have to say that our truck needs a much wider wheels too, the OEM wheels looks hiding under it's wells either. and i was looking for a good buy for those second hand OEM wheels that comes with the higher end variant of this truck like one of these current ones had 16" steel rims with tires @ 205/R16C, the truck looks like have skinny legs with those and i think the 265/65 17 would be perfect even without the flares.
  4. yeah, and that gave him the idea to get the spacers? jealous eh?
  5. nice! btw, isn't it you we're thinking of with flares? your car looks decent without it imho.
  6. you pursued with the miata spacers that would be nice i bet.
  7. wait... OP i think i recalled something way back. are you dealing with this rig? we haven't heard from you what happened next since and i was thinking it could be the PSU then.
  8. liked it's design and color. the car looks way a lot better with it's new stance.
  9. just like what i did with my surrounds, though i'll stick with it even if there's enough room behind my viewing position for the floor stands.
  10. yeah, car make/model/cost doesn't matter but it's how you keep it. and that "enjoyment" you get doing those...there's nowhere you can buy.
  11. true are those people(mostly the actors/comedians) who made us laugh and somewhat we thought them as a happy man but it seemed there's pure sadness behind with their happy faces. we cant deny that he had made the whole world a good laugh and cry with his remarkable craft. RIP Robin.
  12. glad it works, i'm still confused though...
  13. start over, reinstalling the router's driver would be an option. use the driver CD that comes along with your router, the installation wizard will guide you along the way.
  14. will be dealing with screws for the turbo soon.
  15. is the one mostly i followed her thread
  16. yeah, but our ridiculous import tax system keeps me off at eBay, worst it might get lost at the mail. sad to tell but true how our mail system full of rats i'm sorry did not want to upset you with my rants.
  17. only in my dreams to have that card, that's insane!
  18. those red fans looks nice with that rad, overclocking? truly i'm jealous how you guys there at US get nice stuffs even hard to find ones yet cheap and that easy.
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