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  1. and i'm just one of those lucky who won multiple titles thank you ET3D, bp9801 & OCC! but strange that i knew that i got 3, seems i lost the track and found out there are "4" falling inline @ steam. it's Fallen Enchantress:Legendary Heroes the 4th one.
  2. i haven't gone online since yesterday and wooot! i've won a some game! thank you OCC! happy new year to everyone! and get well soon boss!
  3. firecrackers here and there. happy new year to everyone!
  4. couple of days ago and today, tried making terrariums! a bird cage...whatever and a cacti/succulent dish dont ask me what are the specific names of those, the lady at the plant shop don't know even!
  5. i'll be happy to have a shop-vac(even a micro will do) and a set of mags & tires for the pickup.
  6. damn malicious lawsuits. i just remember a lawyer once thought; "you'll never know that any day.. you can be accused for killing long dead Rizal(our national hero). anybody can file/charge a case against you. but there's nothing you can do but you have to answer/face it on court even though such complaints are out of your wit and doesn't really exist." see you on court all you can say.
  7. aw.. that hurts with the eyes. one who painted it might be dreaming of an ice cream parlor or kinder garden school now that feels cozy for me
  8. that looks beautiful!i like your color scheme.
  9. got these bad boys half the dealer's ridiculous price there's no splicing done with the installation so the OEM wiring remains intact and my warranty seems safe still. i can slap the OEM horns in a flash and it wont leave any trace with the europa's. we simply used a female copper terminal connector to tap the negative trigger switch with the OEM horn harness (left most of the image). here's the OEM horn's wiring tucked just in case. mounted BING! BING!
  10. ^ most likely it should like the way my X58 does. i used the other one just below to give way with my aftermarket north bridge cooler.
  11. ^ that was beautiful. congrats with your new house!
  12. just like what they said; that would not be enough if it's on a carpet. leave it as-is if it's not.
  13. happy birthday BluePanda! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZpGw1_8ukQ
  14. 5K km PMS dealership service with the pick up @ PHP 2,019 for the lubricant(mineral), filter plus multi point check up and tuning. free on labor same with the first 1K km PMS.
  15. nice! one of my dreams to have a house with the woods. Here's a video from my shitty apartment's bedroom. it looks creepy
  16. nice! one of my dreams to have a house with the woods.
  17. never skippedS&R's Combo Pizza every time i visit. i liked it way better than local ones.
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