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  1. what i missed the boards going on fire. so active what everything goes under the sun.

    and yeah i had my i7 920 rig put to rest, finally. switched to amd this time since november 2019. i have the b540+3700X+5700+16GB 3200Mhz Gskill neo that made me even more happy since my old built. will post pictures soon.

    stay safe everyone and hope to see you in the forums soon!


  2. there's nothing had changed with this 2009 x58 rig but the 560Ti and the monitor since 2014.
    yes it's an old fart yet it can do whatever i throw with it still,,, until my good buddy gave me these 2 bad guys plus a couple of corsair fans, for free! :whoa:













    not even in my dreams i could go SLI and i just can't find the words how to say, THANK YOU Gejimayu! thumbsupsmiley.png

  3.  Some stuff for the server BluePanda is going to yell at me about... :teehee:



    Norco RPC-4020 20-bay hotswap 4U case

    8 GB of Kingston ECC RAM to flesh out to 16 GB

    Six SATA -> dual Molex power to power the backplanes in the Norco case


    Yes, I have a problem. :lol:


    grabbed my reading glasses :blink:

    now where's bluepanda?! :lol:


    let's say that driver committed a traffic violation or crime. does he deserved to be treated like that? from a police officer that should pose as a good example.

    this cop should behave.


    Thats why he is being punished by the department. 


    Problem is they get to see the dregs of humanity everyday and eventually become jaded just like 99% of the people who are criticizing him would be if in that same situation. Get into his shoes and think how you would act dealing with the worst that we have to offers as humans! 



    good for him then.


    agreed, but that poor driver has a different story to tell. he even tried to be polite and respectful but...

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