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    AMD FX 8350
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    16GB corsair Vengence
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    Gigabyte R9 290X
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  1. 290x, first AMD card for years, got the gigabyte windforce even on BF4 ultra I can still hear wifes PC 6ft away from mine,
  2. Many years ago when I were a lad my computer exam in school consisted of course work and a project. The project had to be a program most of my class wrote databases, not used but wrote using BASIC. I being a bit geeky did a version of space invaders using Z80 assembly on the Sinclair ZX81 (Timex T80). While in college after I left school I also did a higher level computers in night class, this time I wrote Asteroids in Z80 on a Sinclair Spectrum. On both exams I scored maximum marks on my project, on my school exam I had a grade 1, on the night school exam I had a grade 'D' this was in the days of grades being 1-5 and A-E, I got a grad 'D' as I didn't know my theory i.e. the history of computers. The next year I dropped out of a higher level as I was told my the lecturer that we would not have to do programming for the exam but just use word processors, database and spreadsheet programs. Four years after I left school one of my neighbors children did his computer exam I asked him what he did for his prodject and he proudly told me that he did ok on all practical parts of the exam, he then explained that he had to enter data, modify data and delete data on word-processor, database and spreadsheet. I now have 5 children ranging from the ages pf 25 to 17 (3 girls and 1 boy) none of them have any interest in computers except for Facebook.
  3. I got one, it's great can do lots of stuff with it or so I am told. Haven't touched it for over 6 months as I don't seem to have the time to do stuff.
  4. Ok I'm not American, I thought Bush was an idiot, I thought Obama would of been an improvement, but what I can't get my head around is an unarmed young man was shot by a grown man with a gun, what does it matter that he was black, white or green with purple spots, he got shot minding his own business.
  5. I went from the 1090 to the 8350 and it's a bit faster and now I've got eight pretty bars on my CPU usage widget
  6. Maybe he should of just gone out and shot a young boy on the way home from the shops.
  7. Same thing happened to my cousins Nexus, he only used it around the house and was very careful, me on the other hand takes it to work, leaves it in the van where it falls on the floor, drops it, kicked it once and generally abuses it, and not a scratch
  8. Thanks people, going to keep the 570's for a bit. Did toy with getting a GTX TITAN but seems a bit over priced.
  9. Running 2 Palit GTX570's sli at stock but thinking of upgrading to 2 EVGA GTX680's sli. Is it worth it?
  10. I've still got my Sinclair ZX81 ( Timex 1000 ) as the name says 1981 and it still works.
  11. Kindle, I used to be a big reader of books but with work and family life I didn't tend to read much. My wife has the Fire HD, original Kindle and I've got the Nexus7. I find it great being able to sync books between all three devices so that I can read were I left off wherever I am.
  12. Maybe a late start tomorrow.

  13. Leaving Cheltenham for Swansea via the Rhondda................

  14. Beats me why anybody would by an IPad anyway.
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