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    i7 2600
    p8p67 EVO
    8gb Vengence
    Zalman cnps9900
    Sapphire 6950
    Xorar D2x
    Vertex 4 128Gb
    CM Storm Trooper
    Sennheiser HD558
    Logitech Z5500
  1. Entered. Really great list of prizes this year
  2. CPU: i7 2600 Motherboard: ASUS p8p67 Evo RAM: Corsair Vengence 2x4gb GPU: Sapphire 6950 Toxic Storage: Vertex 4 128Gb Chassis: CM Storm Trooper Cooling: ZALMAN CNPS9900 PSU: Corsair TX750m Display: ACER g346h Audio: ASUS Xonar D2x Keyboard: Razer Arctosa Mouse: Roccat Kone[+] Country: South Africa
  3. I did after windows was installed and apparently that was not the way to go? Re-installing windows now on the intel controller to see what can be done.
  4. Sorry for the confusion And yes I am using a SATA3 cable on the marvel SATA3 port Apparently the issues I am experiencing has to do with the marvel AHCI drivers?
  5. At this point in time I can not do that BUT that is a good idea and will keep it in mind next time I have access to another ssd.
  6. So recently I decided to spoil myself with a Vertex 4 128Gb but now I am having issues getting it to work properly. When I connect the drive to my sata6 marvel controller I can set up windows and everything, run benchmarks (BTW this thing is unbelievably fast) but as soon as i transfer big files to or from the drive my pc crashes (No BSOD or anything just screen goes black and restart). Just to be clear I am running firmware 1.5 both the marvel and the intel controllers are set to AHCI and I tested the drive in my buds pc and it shows that the drive is not at fault. I transferred the drive to my sata3 intel controller and so far it is running like a champ even if I am only getting half the rated performance. so now my question is : is it my marvel controller that is to blame, can something be done about it and how do I do it? I mean I really would like to be able to fully utilize this drive. PS.The motherboard is a ASUS Sabertooth x58 and I had no problems running my sata6 1Tb drive from the marvel controller getting the rated 120mb/s speeds and at the time both the hdd and the ssd were in the marvel controller. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Everything is back to the way it was before I did the flashing, btw I unplugged his Roccat Kave headset every thing sped up considerably...
  8. I am currently waiting patiently of the original bios to be flashed back, not going near the power button and as far as I know the board does not have a dual bios system.
  9. OK so today I decided to do a bios update on my brothers PC to try and get is to work more stable ( he gets random post issues ), so I decided to update tie bios from the J1 to the J8 version and everything went fine until I loaded the new bios. When it loaded everything slowed down to a crawl and I mean crawl, I then decided to flash the bios back to the J1 version until I can get a solution for the slowness and so far it's been 10mins and only 5% done flashing. Does anyone have any idea whats going on? his specs are : 1055t msi 990fxa gd65 4x2Gb ram 6950 2gb
  10. I was on 11.11c for quite a while, tried 12.1 and received a 20% drop in performance, the decided to stick with 11.11c but lately I had major stability issues with it (randomly crashing and such) then tried 12.4 witch blatantly refused to work... now on the 12.6 beta and well there are still stuff wrong with it but my performance has never been better I'm starting to get really fed up with all the driver issues AMD is giving me..
  11. Pretty please go check out the prices at www.ikonicit.co.za they will save you a lot of cash, but other than that I'm not clued in enough to be ablemto recconment anything at this time.
  12. Rosco

    Asus Vulcan

    If the Vulcan and for that matter any gaming branded headset has a sound similar to the siberia v2 that I think I'll pass, because I currently have a set of siberias and although they are superbly comfortable their sound seems to be lacking a little to be honest. I am considering getting the Senheiserr HD558 because they are R2200 in SA but the HD598 is VERY tempting at R2750 so I will have to see where my budget is at the end of the month. Thanks for all the prompt repleis
  13. Rosco

    Asus Vulcan

    I am currently thinking about getting myself a new headset and the ASUS Vulcan set stands out to me but I'm still not sure if the are the best option out there. I am going to use it with my ASUS D2x sound card, and my primary goal will be listening to music and secondly it will be gaming. There is a Shennheiser distributor nearby so that is another option but it will cost more if I go that route. Any suggestions will be helpful. Thanks in advance
  14. Ok so I have the Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G + Wifi 16Gb (GT-P7300XXKHC) and well it is sluggish as hell. Apparently its got something to do with android 3.1 and using 3.2 will fix the lagging issue. Now I am in SA and well that makes getting a compatible ROM is not that easy. Has anyone had any success with getting this tab to run 3.2? I an a little out of my league with regards to this kind of things.... any help will be greatly appreciated
  15. -----> Cosmos 2 (But only the idea of one coz at 22kg empty.... wel it wont transport easily) so I got the trooper instead Very eager to see what you guys do with your Cosmos 2 cases..
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