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  1. whats the differnce between and Thoroughbred and a barton and well a barton work in a motherboard that only supports Thoroughbred
  2. well today i was helping a friend build a new computer he has a amd duron 1.6 with pc 2700 for some reason everytime i would turn the power on it will start to boot up and turn off so i put it my 2400+ and it worked so i turn off the computer then put the duron back in it would not work then i put my 2400 back inand it didn't work this time so how to you tell if a cpu is damageed and the board is a msi km3m whats up with this baord.
  3. Well i wen to pc club and got the new msi km3m with the duorn 1.6 for my dad the install was fast the problem is that there is no post at all just the power comes on and i know it cant be the conntion becoause if the conntion were wrong that still wouldn't really matter, i am useing pc 2700, well i have had the same prob with the msi km2m combo l it would not boot up at allso after hours and hours it found that the jumber setting on the motherboard needed to be set for 133 fsb so then it booted up but thats not the case with this km3m because theres not fsb jumper on the board at all so could it be the wrong memory the board says that it takes pc 2700 so maybe pc 2100 will make it work help me please
  4. i have an amd xp 2400+ how far can i overclock it i have an msi 745 ultra 768 ddr 333
  5. Hi i have amd 2400+ right now on an msi 745 ultra, i wanted to know if i can install a 2600+ barton on it because i have seen some motherboards that only have 266 fsb but can run a 2600+ will it work or what.
  6. I have an ati radeon 9600 non pro, when i start to play games my pc alert shows up and one of the voltages are in red i think it could be the agp volatge or something i don't overlcok anything, so i through it was the power supply i had a 400 watt so i went and got a 500 watt and it did the same thing so i put i old video card back in a ti 4400 and it works fine is the card dead or what msi 745 ultra 4x AGP 768 ddr pc 2700 2400+ 500 watt power
  7. Well every time i just playing dame after about 4 min my pc alert pops up with a message well it you have pc alert for msi this is what happ0ens vcore 1.62 then the one next to it says 3.09 thats then one thats gives me errors is my cpu messed up or is it the power supp;y. amd 2400+ msi 745 ultra 768 pc 2700 radeon 9600 help
  8. dose service pack 1 for xp po slow downlaod your computer bevause i have been useing home edition and that had serivce pack in it slow i put in xp pro and install pack 1 and things seem slow i have msi 745 ultra 768 ddr 333 ati radeon 9600 non pro 2400+ oc 3000+
  9. i have an ati radeon 9600 non pro and i was think about a geforce fx 5600 256mb or radeon 9500 pro or geforce 4 ti 4600 what should i do.
  10. i have a ati radeon 9600 i think it's a good card but i was thinking about getting an geforce 4 ti 4400, is the ti 4400 faster then he 9600 because a couple of months ago it pc gamer there was an article that said the ati radeon 9600 pro runs faster then a ti 4200 should would a ti 4400 be faster.
  11. Well first thing is i have an amd 2400+ it runs at 51 to 52 idle and 56to57 load, well lately the heat in aheim has been hell and the cpu boots up at 52 c and th system temp at 33c i dont overclock stock amd fan, still 57 load is way to high and my system temp is 38 idle now and 47 gameing what to do please help me. amd 2400+ msi 745 ultra 266 fsb 768 ddr pc 2700 ati radeon 9600 two 40gb drives
  12. Hi i got a new computer but i am un happy with it because the motherboards it says that is will take up tp 1900mzh ok, so i have an 2400+ which is 2.0gz so becuase it's a 100mz over in system is reads as amd thlon pro 2.0, well if i buy a 2500+ which is 1.83 would it read in right. also how far can i overlock my cpu and video card. msi 746 ultra 266 fsb 2400+ 768 ddr pc 2700 ati radeon 9600 non pro and not the se 500 watt ps
  13. my 2400+ runs at 51-53 c, after 10mins and 57-58c under heavy gameing it's retail fan not oc'd please help me
  14. Well hi i have an amd xp 2000+ the cpu just dosen't work any more well i don't i only get my check every month so for no i have enough to get another 2000+ or should i get and amd duron 1.8 which would be faster. AZZA KT400 8X AGP 1.25 GB OF RAM DDR PC 2700 GEFORCE FX 5700 ULTRA 60 GB HARD DRIVE 2MB C
  15. Hi i really want to know if i should upgrade my computer or not so that i can play half life 2 and doom 3 hear are my specs AMD XP 2500+ AZZA 8X agp board 1.25 GB of ram pc 2700 ati readon 9600 pro If i do need to upgrade what video card and cpu should i use.
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