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  1. Double check your ~/.vnc/startup make sure it has "exec startkde &" at the end of it
  2. My suggestion is this: 1) set up the windows boot loader to handle booting the windows partitions. 2) edit your gurb.conf file as such Title Windows (XP, Server) ---- this is just a label rootnoverify (hd0,0) makeactive yes chainloader +1 I hope that helps
  3. Ftttpht. Gentoo. It's a Daunting task the first time you install/build it from source. Everything is built from source. and considering you are an OC'er you want every little extra bit you can get. I recently started using Gentoo, the package management is sweet, and there are binary packages for things that take a really long time to compile. If you dont know much, and you want to. Install gentoo, and use it. I know 10 times more now than I could have learned using rpms.
  4. Well, I tried a different IDE cable, it seems ok now
  5. Hi, I have a maxtor 120 Gig drive, I have had it for a liittle over a year now. for about half that time its been running in my current rig (See Sig). and it just died on me could this be an effect of my OC? How likley is that?
  6. for all you guys out there who want to know.... its SO easy to connect a XBOX controller via USB, its already USB if you chop the end off, and look at the wires, you will see that they are the standard USB colors (red, White, Green, Black) and a purple one Ignore the purple wire, and connect the other ones up as the colors match. A friend of mine did that with one of his xbox controllers and swapped it out for a USB keyboard, so he could install Linux on his xbox... but thats another story. B)
  7. Yeah, what they said. Like my CPU with every thing stock (HSF and Speed) its 10 degrees hotter than with my v12 and a 200mhz OC.
  8. Well, I managed to figure it out I was forced to do a complete reinstall that didnt fix it, but I did find the sound options control pannel and chose a different device or something but it works fine now. :D
  9. yes, but they are crap.. and cause the staticy output I mentioned before
  10. You forgot about swap space. Try to give your self about 1024MB (1GB) for swap Fedora wont let you install without that
  11. hi, I am kind of a linux noob here. I downloaded and installed the only linux dirvers i could find for my sound chip from realtek but for some reason I am getting scratchy sound any help?
  12. k thanx, I''ll try those
  13. ok, I am a total n00b to linux. I practically need my hand held for every thing new i do. What I need is a nice cd writing program, with a decent GUI so that i can burn some ISOs. I have already mastered the: ./configure make make install but I am not sure what programm to use I am running Fedora Core 2
  14. ok,I can tell that this thread needs to simmer as for what General said he was right I am only interested in a CPU ONLY, IF and ONLY IF its in the lowermainland of BC. I have stated that 3 (Three) times now. As for the cost of that cpu, its out of my range. A used Cpu, locked or unlocked(unlocked is worth more), is not worth any where near the retail price I Can not justify, nor will i pay, more than 50% of retail for a locked chip, or 60-70% for a unlocked chip that has been oced in any way even just once.
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