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  1. Hey guys, I am being offered a used Murdermod TJ07 and a Black Ice GTX 480 which has only had distilled water and biocide ran through it for about CAD$350. I was wondering if this sounds good to you guys or not. I was thinking about going with watercooling soon, and I was looking for a 480 rad as well. I just want to know: a) Is this a good deal? (I know the TJ07 used to reatil for $300+, I don't know if this is still the case) b) Is the Black Ice GTX 480 still a great cooler? (Where on the spectrum does it fall, mid/high to high end?) c) What other cases allow me to hold a 480 rad inside? Thanks for the help guys, Zachariah
  2. Alright thanks man, I did some research on Google and I just decided to delete the array and make another one. A mod can close this thread, thanks.
  3. Hey, I just went out and got the Crosshair IV Formula and got into the bios and set up he first 4 sata for raid. I am using the same two drives in raid 0 that I was using before I went and upgraded the motherboard. But, I am having a problem getting into windows 7. I don't know if I can 're use' this raid setup or not. I was under the impression that it could piece it back together. When I try to get into windows, the screen goes black for a while, then I get a flash of the blue screen and then the pc restarts. Sorry, if this belongs in the Windows section, or maybe the hard drives section? But this problem only arose once I switched motherboards :/ Anyways, if you guys have more experience with raid than I do and see a problem please let me know, thanks.
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