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  1. duh, we just made it for fun. Theres no way it'll ever in its wildest dreams top this forum! No one else has an opinion?
  2. A few friends and I decided to try our hand at making a forum. Well, actually I put it up and they are helping moderate. Its here: Da' Gurus hardware forum I'm open to suggestions. Its going to be for a webpage that I'm building. Thanks. Also, I am looking for new members/mods to get it started!
  3. Yep, lower than the normal Athlon XP stock voltage.
  4. Nerd Porn That says it all. Not quite stable but gets into windows at that voltage. Well, it won't pass prime at that but I'm typing this at that speed, infact I just now took the screenshot. 2500+ Mobile XP Passes Prime at 2875mhz @ 2.03v Passes Prime at 2700mhz @ 1.725v Btw, I'm on air. SLK-900a + tornado baby.
  5. Oh well. Btw, I heard about that months ago. I have 6 unlocked amd athlon xp's
  6. Sounds good. Your going to overclock a customer's computer?
  7. I tried it.....of course..... anyone want to make an offer?
  8. I was using this card up until today when it started artifacting really bad. It is even artifacting on the desktop. I can't figure out what's wrong with it! I spent 4+ hours today trying. I also reseated the hsf and it still artifacts. I am selling it as-is. It might be a quick fix and I'm just missing something. If you can't fix it you could use if for parts like if you broke a chip off of your card and you need a replacement. pm me an offer.
  9. Can anyone elso compete with my 2500+ mobile Barton @ 2700mhz 1.9v and 39c full load on all Air? My PC just OWN3D yours!
  10. I've got three processors for sale. 2600+ Barton 2000+ T-bred 1500+ Palomino All three are in new condition never overclocked. Make me an offer for all three or just the one or one's you want. I also have a Samsung 256mb stick of laptop pc-2700 sodimm PM me if your interested.
  11. Mobile 2500+ Barton @ 2706mhz Prime stable 1.9v
  12. I managed to get mey new mobile overclocked to 2700mhz prime stable at only 1.9v The stepping begins with an I so it is a good chip. I am happy. Go newegg! This mobile works flawlessly with my abit nf7-s 2.0 and Mushkin 2-2-2 special
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