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  1. Been using Avast for years (free version) on all my computers at home. I will swear by it and smart surfing...
  2. Thank you! Looking forward to playing it!
  3. Here is a pic of one of buddies while in Mozambique this year. Game - RF: Arma Steam - Monkson Thanks! Nice photos and drawings all.
  4. Crusader Kings II, BF3, and Tropico 4 for me. Always go back to them.
  5. Think I will notice anything with my MSI 6950 Twin Frozr III? Thanks.
  6. Anyone still playing this or want to play it? Steam gave me a 50% off coupon for Anno 2070 if anyone wants it. Just send me your STEAM name. 50% OFF Anno 2070 Steam Coupon 50% off on the title Anno 2070. (Valid September 14th, 2012 through September 28th, 2012)
  7. Congrats! I hit 13 when I stopped playing...although I never really tried to get the points. Monkson SF
  8. Monkson

    Diablo 3

    Wow...nice. Anyone had any luck selling for $$ via the auction house so far?
  9. I'll take it if you still have it! Steam name is Monkson. I didnt get invited and am looking forward to seeing what it looks likes. Thanks!
  10. Monkson

    The Clan

    If you are a member of a gaming clan, you can identify someone with every character in the video I bet. I love this video and hope you enjoy it as much as me! ~Monkson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUpXJ2PHsqg
  11. I hope they work good...tired of my flash crashing all the time.
  12. Can I have an icon please? Thanks!
  13. Monkson

    Crusader Kings 2

    Anyone playing this now? I have always struggled learning Paradox games but CK2 is my addiction now and I love it. Anyone else have thoughts on it?
  14. Monkson

    Diablo 3

    Please hurry!!
  15. Monkson

    Diablo 3

    There you go. I was able to finish the Cathedral and made it to level 5 with 5 minutes to go before they booted me. I SAVED DECARD CAIN!!!!
  16. I would love to see some shots. That is really what I was looking for was hearing about anyone's experience who might have did this before. I know what I want to do and how to make it work; just wanted to hear anyone's experience on this if they had a similar setup. Thanks for any info.
  17. And I was thinking that we may add a game or two (Dirt 3 and BF3) so us IT nerds can play it which is why I thought a 6970 might work good.
  18. Thanks for the info guys. We have a little bit of a bezel between the screens and we will use it with Media Center, PP, custom Flash and Final Cut presentations with all the fancy screen stuff (like you said, stuff moving across the screen, etc).
  19. Hey guys and gals, I need some advice here for a conference room upgrade. I have a conference room that has three screens (in a slight curve) with HD projectors that have a max resolution of 1024x768 each. The screens are about pretty big, about 6' tall (don't remember how wide) and the conference room can hold almost 100 people. I am looking at building a computer and getting an AMD 6970 video card so I can take advantage of the Eyefinity application. Does anyone have any experience using Power Point or any other presenting software with Eyefinity and three monitors? I am hoping to build something that will allow my creatives and account service people to give really cool big presentations among other things but don't have any knowledge of this. Anyone have any thoughts on the this? Changing the room, projectors, screens, going to Mac, etc are not an option. Thanks.
  20. Thanks Decoy and keep them coming. I have been looking at this game for a while and am just waiting on it to go on sale via Steam before I buy it. Is there any need to connect the city to the industry area with roads?
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