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  1. Lately I've been very confused for which ssd to choose for my lenovo y50 70 laptop and I'm limited to only sata ssd as it only has sata slot (replacing my hdd) for the conclusion I've come with these options please give your suggestions *Samsung 850 evo 500gb (220 usd) *Kingston Uv400 480gb (132 usd) *SanDisk ultra ii 480 gb (175 usd) *SanDisk ssd plus 480 gb (130 usd) I'll be doing rendering and cad work please suggest one and money is bit of a issue here and if you're going to recommend other than these options it may matter to availability as my location is INDIA. Thanks for help ? Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  2. Correction ram will costs 5500 and Gpu 10500 so total 20200inr/336usd
  3. Wevsspot By your calculation I'll be spending Decent air cooler - 1200inr 8 gb ram - 4600inr 450w psu - 3000inr Gpu - 9500 inr Total 18300 inr or 305 inr (which seemed less if I were in USA) and this will totally f*ck the budget
  4. Still I just ordered my i3 4150 so end of discussion
  5. Bro please understand i'll buy when i can afford for the mean time I'll stick with this
  6. ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? lol
  7. Leave the price to me ???? I see that as told by my uncle (pc parts shop) that amd has no market presence at where I am, so there's no resale value of any kind even my i3 will sell because of intel's name i3 is popular among people so it's gonna sell easy so as you stated earlier that buying an amd I'm not gonna see any performance improvements in gaming (all I do from pc) I see no point in buying amd as at first I was gonna buy amd bcz I thought I'm gonna see performance gain in amd gaming let's leave anything else like gpu, ram and all lets talk now only about processor which one will be better
  8. Please suggest that if i3 4150 is good
  9. Seeing all the comments and all the suggestions I think I'll ditch the amd fx 6300 for i3 4150 guys I need quick suggestion if it's OK?
  10. Lol core 2 duo, still I am gonna upgrade my psu later and first hand concern is my cpu and next problem is choosing chipset 970 or 760g
  11. Lol what intel again, actually I'm very disappointed at intel because every year they make a new gen and forget that previous generation even exists and they make new sockets and we can't even upgrade without changing the motherboard also as for amd I saw they provide good support with this
  12. You guys are seriously confusing me first amd then intel then amd then intel please let me be clear I want to game at 1080p at medium to high setting and I want a future proof cpu and base
  13. And for cooler I am thinking of going deepcool gammaxx 200
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