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  1. I've did all everything in your reply nothing worked . I will post all my system specs in here but problem is with MIP (Mipmap) . Edit:I changed all my GPU settings to high quality and used -autoconfig If you need my settings just ask Problem solved! http://i39.tinypic.com/sfuwsn.jpg
  2. Update: Tried disabling steam cloud + autoconfig, no change Tried finishing downloading counter-strike source, no change Typed out +mat_texture_list and messed a little with Kleiner's eye texture by clicking -- or + got(Changes MiP) it to work temporary . After some -autoconfigs in hope to remove those glass like eyes for tf2 models, black eyes came back and that command now crashes gmod... In conclusion it has to do with textures of ragdolls, I need serious help from people who have a lot of knowledge in it . Sorry for bumping this thread, I need help to fix my game :|
  3. I posted that on [face punch] everyone said it was creepy Was banging my head against the table for the month , even experienced user like me missed something .
  4. Hello, My Garry's Mod have a strange eyes but they used to be normal before here's screenshot TF2 models and HL2 Please, help me out ! GPU Specifications Tried reinstalling and messing around with console commands but don't know where to look Reinstalling didn't solve anything , that texture error still exist Ask me about any helpful information you might need Any help is appreciated
  5. Can somebody post Overclocking safe settings for my gpu?or tell me how to do it with out causing any damage .
  6. 1680*1050 I reinstalled my windows anyway and dvd box( with sims 3) got lost somewhere . I will install NFS:Shift and see how it goes tomorrow .
  7. I regret that day I bought Gigabyte rather than Asus :n
  8. Give me feed back after you buy it please .
  9. Sims 3 Homefront NFS:Shift I don't remember any other games .
  10. Guy can you help me with settings of video card or a something that optimizes it . I need optimal settings for games . It seems like my video card performance could be better with DDR5 1 GB fast core clocks and memory or my other hardware getting outdated . Specifications
  11. Ive tried that mouse before very good feel and quality . After that I recommended it to my friend (who's not my friend anymore) he bought it and replaced it after 2 days to Raza Deathadder . Idiot ! EDIT:Its on sale right now!I remember when that mouse was over $100 when came out .
  12. Dude I can't decide also either its CM Storm Sentinel or Naos 5000 :}
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