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  1. Would it help if the music "took a backseat" and the game volume got louder? I agree on the commentary aspect but I want to take this one step at a time. Once I get the gameplay and the "basics" dialed in, I'll move into commentating
  2. I can see how you why you feel that way - but then see it from my point of view. How else can I get feedback if I don't actually get people to watch a video first? I can't think of any other way where someone can not interpret my request for feedback as a get-more-views-scam.
  3. No else has anything to say about the videos? Any and all feedback is much appreciated
  4. I've uploaded a 1080p video now. Is it just me or does it look waaaaay better now? Funny thing is it only takes up 15-20% more space to do 1080p over 720p...
  5. Yeah my ISP can only provide 20/2mbps. If only more people in my area would want fiber opctic connections the ISP would actually set it up for free. But people around here say they "have enough" in the 20/2 connection... Pfft. You can never get enough bandwidth I record with DXTory with Lagarith Lossless Codec and Sony Vegas Pro 12 for editing and rendering.
  6. I know Sadly it is also due to the fact that my internet is kinda slow so anything sharper or higher resolution would take many hours if not days to upload. The longest video currently on my channel took over 5 hours to upload, and that was only in 720p with absolute minimal detail and the highest possible form of compression.
  7. I'm asking if the gameplay footage is any good. I'm not asking for an assessment of my skills in Battlefield 3.
  8. Hey everyone I just recently came up with the idea of uploading some gameplay footage from Battlefield 3 to youtube. But then I realised that I have absolutely no clue if it's good or bad. Therefore I would really like if you would watch a video and tell me what you think of it. Any other feedback on the matter of the videos is also very welcome! http://www.youtube.com/user/Redspeed93 I hope this doesn't break any rules of advertersing. If so, I'm sorry!
  9. As a die-hard Hitman-addict I would say the level design is not quite as good as Blood Money. It's way to narrow and linear, and some places doesn't fit at all into a classic Hitman experience. The disguise system is also absolutely horrible. It makes sense that 2 janitors can see that you don't belong in a janitor suit, but it makes no sense what-so-ever that every policeman in Chicago seems to know one another, and therefor they can, within seconds, see that you are not an actual policeman when wearing a police uniform. I hope they have heard the communities feedback on Absolution, and go back to the formula from Blood Money: 1. Don't spend half the development time making a fancy story. 2. Bring back the classic system of picking a loadout and takeing on a level. I don't care one bit about a cohesive story, or some emotional crap revolving around a girl. 3. I wanna kill people with pianowire and a silenced sniper-rifle - And I most certainly don't ever in my entire life wanna see Hitman ever again being able to pull out a 1.5m long rifle out of his jacket, GTA IV-style. Whos idiotic idea was that?! Overall the experience is good, but there are far too many wrong decisions which seems completely out of place in a Hitman game. The contracts mode is a brilliant way to do asynchronous multiplayer and I hope they bring it back for the next addition. Sadly I feel that the core gameplay has only evolved towards the cineamtic, action packed poop we see in games like Uncharted. I wanna play the game, not watch a movie! Overall I'd say the game is a 7.5/10.
  10. CPU: I5-2500k @ 4.7ghz Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Pro RAM: 8GB Kingston 1600mhz GPU: ASUS GTX 670 TOP Storage: Corsair 90gb force series 3, Seagate 2TB 5900rpm Chassis: Cooler Master HAF X(sound damped) Cooling: Noctua NH-D14 with 3 CoolerMaster Sickleflow fans(along with 8 more around the case and a single 200mm CM megaflow) PSU: Corsair GS800 v1 Display: BenQ XL2420T with 3D Vision 2 Audio: Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro/ Logitech Z5500 Keyboard: Corsair Vengeance K90 Mouse: Corsair Vengeance M60 Soundcard: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD Country: Denmark
  11. Nope, I saw the video a few days before I posted it and I was really surprised to see the video was not in this tread yet!
  12. Has noone really posted this video yet!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 .... GANGNAM STYLE!
  13. Well here in Denmark the price tag was something like 600.000 DKK which is in the region of 100.000 USD, so neither was mine
  14. 2010 passat CC 2.0 and a "regular" passat 2.0 from 2008, both with an ECU remapping. The CC makes in the region of 260bhp and the passat makes around 240bhp, not alot compared to the kinda cars you guys drive, but then you see the pricetags for those two cars here in Denmark and you suddenly understand
  15. Where is the option to be against religion? I'm not an "just" an atheist, I also think that anyone who believes in anything should be placed in a psychiatric hospital. I tried saying this as respectfully as possible. I think some of the ideas behind religion is awesome, but I can't think of a good reason why any healthy human beign would believe in something that cannot be found proof of.
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