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  1. I have an aging Sli rig that keeps dropping my Sli configuration. Rig: AMD B55 3.2ghz 1.4v Asus M4N75TD 750A Sli 8gb (4x2gb) DDR3 1600 9-9-9-24 2x ASUS GTX 460 768mb Sli I have been having other problems lately as well, the computer shudders, the mouse stops moving and sound skips for about a half a second. The computer wont fully shut down by itself, i have to hold the power button once windows is done shutting down. I am looking for a good way to test them that isn't gaming because I want to single them out.
  2. I have NCC on my chipset, nForce 750a, but it works the same, but I will try the multi though if that is the case.
  3. Here you go. My base clock is set at 200mhz I noticed that my base frequency varies between 199mhz and 204mhz, this struck me as odd. Should I be concerned?
  4. I currently run at 1.45v but even if i push it to 1.525v, still no luck. It is a Phenom 2 x2 555 BE with the c3 stepping that unlocked to a Quad, fully stable, except that core 2 shows a temp of -38c and core 3 show -128c, made me laugh when I saw it. I have not try the northbridge voltage yet because I'm not sure what it defaults to so I have left it to auto ( I know, bad bad bad). The only thing I have noticed is that my ram is very intolerant to running out of spec, which might be my issue. @juicyonline: I picked it up at Microcenter in Yonkers, NY at the grand opening sale for $70 last November, early birthday present to myself, made me get the rest of my rig.
  5. I have a Phenom 2 B55 @ 3.8ghz I cannot go beyond that, not with the multi or the base clock I have a hyper 212+ (w/ push-pull coolermaster blademasters and ICDiamond thermal paste) max @ 52c load with prime95 I would like to try to reach 4ghz for benchmarking or at least break 3.8ghz System: Phenom 2 B55 @3,8ghz ASUS M4N75TD 750i sli 8gb (4x2gb) Corsair XMS3 @1600 7-8-7-22 ASUS GTX 460 768mb Corsair 750TX 30gb OCZ Vertex SSD boot 2x Samsung 500gb spanned Fractal R3 case 6x Scythe slipstreams (1900rpm model) on fan controller
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