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    Gigabyte H55M-S2
    Core i3 3.06 running 4.2 GHz
    4GB RAM
    Sapphire Technology ATI Radeon 6870 HD 970MHz 1GB PCI-E HDMI TOXIC
    Western Digital 500GB caviar Green 7200 64MB
    Corsair H70 water cooling

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  1. Could it be the Graphics card is not working right? i just got the card last week, but the system even did it with intergrated graphics, could the power supply be not giving consistant power as its cheap and crap? the GPU was not overclocked to begin with. thanks
  2. Hello, i am a PC gamer, i have got a screen coming up during playing games and just browsing the internet, can someone please help, i have attached a picture, the whole screen is vertical strips, if helps my computer hardware is: Gigabyte H55M-S2 Core i3 540 running stock at minute Corsair 4GB x 2 Vengeance 1600MHz RAM crappy 620w PSU from ACE 250GB Western Digital Sorpio Blue Sapphire 6870 1GB 970MHz Toxic Graphics SATA DVD Drive
  3. <a href="http://novabench.com/view/113947"><img src="http://novabench.com/image/113947.png" alt="NovaBench Score" border="0" /></a> take a look at the benckmark above, specs are: Core i3 540 @ 4.2 GIGABYTE H55M-S2 mobo 2GB generic RAM 250GB scorpio blue western digital Sapphire 6870 TOXIC 950 MHz, 1GB GDDR5, running at 990MHz, 1240 MHz memory
  4. ok for help with a mobo, here is the specs: Core i3 540 @ 4.2 GHz Kingston KVR1333D3N9/2G 2GB X 2 RAM SATA DVD DL Drive Sony WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB CAVIER GREEN 32MB SATA EZCOOL A180D GAMING CASE SIDE WINDOW, NO PSU SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY ATI RADEON 6870 HD 970 MHz 1GB PCI-E HDMI TOXIC, free game Total War :Shogun 2 Corsair CX500W H70 Corsair water cooler ARTIC SILVER TERMAL PASTE between CPU and H70 wanna spend up to £140
  5. thanks, yea i thought it would be good, didnt think he would remember what it was, the man hates computers, awel, needing a gaming mobo for i3 540 LGA1156? any ideas? or would the GIGABYTE H55M-S2 do the job?
  6. its official gtx 480 is away home, :cry:
  7. And my dad got me the H70 Corsair water cooler, he got it because said good for overclocking
  8. yea the corsair was the one i went for from dabs.co.uk, seems to be good, have wait to tues to get the new parts, like why does parcel force have to be off for the royal wedding like, this is a list of what i ordered: ARTIC SILVER TERMAL PASTE WESTERN DIGITAL 500GB CAVIER GREEN 32MB SATA EZCOOL A180D GAMING CASE SIDE WINDOW, NO PSU SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY ATI RADEON 6870 HD 970 MHz 1GB PCI-E HDMI TOXIC, free game Total War :Shogun 2
  9. ok, so my dad being nice bought me a Corsair H70 water cooler, think that would do the trick of keeping it cold, what way should i install this cooler for the most effective way of dissipating heat
  10. links for what and il post, add me on msn sure, wanna get info on motherboards
  11. yea he was very giving with hardware, think he told me was getting gtx 570 x 2, he likes to spend money and waste it as cleary known in this thread, lol, so any way i bought a 6870, only because its way cheaper than 6970 with not that much difference for games i play. comments please
  12. Nah, il have to give it back to my friend,
  13. Sorry for the english its my language but am in a rush when posting and forget to add in words, as i work from home as system builder and techicien, but i have never made a gaming pc you see, GTX 570 it is unless anybody has reasons not to get it?
  14. Yea im ordering online, got mothboard and processor from mplex that was near me but rest is all online
  15. i do have gtx 480 but it full of dust was friends and gave to me cause said only gona last very time after him using, it, he is power mad, its knackered
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