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  1. I'm upgrading my motherboard because my last one got some lovely "shock therapy" from a t-storm. I'm looking at either of the two above so I can have some room to overclock. My indecisiveness kicks in as I'm looking at the ASUS 4+2 VRM vs the GIGABYTE 8+2 VRM. Go with ASUS legend or GIGABYTE's awesome feature? I'm not looking to do any heavy OCing because I still am a newbie at OCing. Anyone experience any problems with either board?
  2. blinkingpeak649

    Hello! Noobie here!

    Welcome to OCC!! You have a pretty solid set up but here's one thing to think about when you're choosing a mobo. The Z77 chipset you have chosen will allow for a crossfire/sli set up, however, it will run 2 or 3 GPUs at a decreased speed. So you can run in this configuration: 1 slot @ 16x or.. 2 slots @ 8x and 8x or... 3 slots @ 8x, 4x, 4x. That is the first slot running the first card at 8x vs 16x and the other two slots running the other 2 cards at 4x. Thus, if you wanted to crossfire/sli, you're set up would run slower than a chipset that will allow two cards running at 16x on both slots. Just something to think about for the way ahead. Either way, SOLID set up.
  3. blinkingpeak649

    [WTB] or [WTT] for a 400-500 W PSU

    I would like to buy a decent 400-500 W PSU that will be used to OC a core 2 DUO CPU. I'd also be willing to trade; items up for trade are: -Zalman 9700 w/ fittings for AM2/AM2+/AM3/775/1155... I received it used as well but it's still in good condition. -2x 2GB Corsair XMS2 800mHz RAM Thanks for looking!
  4. blinkingpeak649

    RAID 0

    Hey all, I'm helping someone set up a RAID 0 configuration with 2 Velociraptors as slaves and a SSD as a master drive with W7 on it. We're working with W7 Pro and an ASUS Rampage IV which has RAID 0 capability. From what I'm gathering the set up should be as so: Install W7 on the SSD and configure the two Velociraptors within W7 as a RAID 0 config. Of course, I would have to plug the SSD in the appropriate SATA slot and the two Velociraptors would be connected to the RAID config slots on the Rampage. or Would I have to config the set up within BIOS first, in addition to setting it up within W7? Any help would be great.
  5. blinkingpeak649

    RAID 0

    UPDATE: In ASUS UEFI, I set the SATA mode to RAID, saved and exited. Next I set up the drives for the RAID 0 array and booted into windows. Windows repair asked me to install the Intel RAID drivers but I can't install without being in windows. What gives?
  6. blinkingpeak649

    Disappearing Act

    Hey all. I have an Asus x83v (N80vb) and the screen goes out. This is exactly what happened: 3 years ago it started to have this issue where sometimes the display would come back up after the computer came out of sleep mode and sometimes it didn't. It still works when connected to an external display. After a while it just didn't come back up but the screen backlight still worked. Now I just use it as a wireless adapter for my xbox. The screen stopped working in 2009 so I figured I just became a victim of zero pixel. Now, 2012, I popped open the laptop as I was going to connect to Xbox Live and BAM!, the screen pops up and the display works! Whiskey.... Tango.... FOXtrot?! I checked the display cables years ago and changed the display mode numerous times and nothing. now out of the blue it works. Any ideas?
  7. blinkingpeak649

    Liquid Cooling Maintenance

    Howdy again gurus. While I've had my eye on building a liquid cooling rig for a while the only thing still standing in my way is the question of maintenance. I've heard mixed reviews and what I've gathered is the less impurities in your coolant, the better. That said, obviously UV reactive coolants have some impurities in them hence the higher need to maintenance. But I've also heard that with clear coolants, with antifungal additives, hardly have to be flushed and changed out for a while. Probably around 2-3 years from what I gathered. How true is this?
  8. blinkingpeak649

    Liquid Cooling Maintenance

    Thanks all. You've confirmed what I've been thinking. Although I didn't know that bit about colored liquid. Thanks Boinker. Is there a specific brand of distilled water you stick to? Walmart Nursery water? lol jk
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    Slow GPU folding

    Hey all! Anyone experiencing EXTREMELY long folding times with GPUs recently? I had this one tasked out to me 4 Apr and it's still not done yet. I'm folding on v 7.1.52 with a HD 6870. Everything was working fine until this work unit. I'm also folding on SMP with a Phenom II x2 560 and that is doing about 1.5 work units a day. Any suggestions?
  10. blinkingpeak649

    Cooler Master HAF XM Chassis Review

    I'm not a huge fan of how the HAFs look but I'm always a huge fan of air flow, cable management and room. It always seems like CoolerMaster's HAF series thinks of everything in terms of those three categories. Great review bluepanda!
  11. blinkingpeak649

    Trainingwheels introduction

    Trainingwheels: WELCOME TO OCC!! You'll learn a lot here, I know I have. You'll pop those training wheels off in no time flat. Dragonsdonfly: Also remember that you're cooling a x3 vice a x4. under loads 1 more core will make the difference in thermal output. The second and third factor are size of the case and airflow in the case. My HD 6870 was significantly cooler in my mid-ATX case with 3x 120mm intake/ 1x 120mm and 1x 140mm exhaust fans. In my full-ATX case my HD 6870 runs 10C hotter with 2x 120mm side intake/ 2x 120 mm exhaust fans. I can't quite put my CPU in perspective because I had a stock cooler installed in my mid-ATX and have a Zalman 9900 currently in my full-ATX. Current build is in my signature.
  12. blinkingpeak649

    Slow GPU folding

    It's like a 980 or 990 unit, but even those shouldn't be hard on my gfx card. With v7 both my cpu and gpu are eating WU like crazy. Thanks for the tip Hyper. I'll let you know what happens.
  13. blinkingpeak649


    Was browsing sidwindercomputers.com when I came across an awesome sale.... Swiftech H20-320 Edge (normally $320) for $0.01. That's right! 1 cent... and you guessed it... out of stock! GAAAR! lol
  14. blinkingpeak649

    Massive PPD loss

    I have v 7.1.52 as well but have had no problems whatsoever. I have seen an increase in PPD with v7 vice v6. With v6 i was only getting around 300 PPD (SMP only). With v7 I am getting anything between 7500 - 8300 PPD. I also havent applied any MS security updates since this March 2011. I have only applied the latest of AMD 6xxx drivers since March 2012. Everything is fine here with stats below.
  15. blinkingpeak649

    Folding on a HD 6000 series GPU?

    Thanks Judy, that was a good read. Awesome to know they are so close to releasing an updated client. Thanks again!
  16. blinkingpeak649

    Folding on a HD 6000 series GPU?

    The GPU client I downloaded says my GPU is not supported. Is anyone else folding with a 6000 series GPU?
  17. blinkingpeak649

    Folding on a HD 6000 series GPU?

    Thanks for that!
  18. blinkingpeak649

    Push Pin CPU HSF Mount

    Upgrading to a quad-core CPU soon and with that an aftermarket HSF. I'm rethinking the cooler I had in mind because it is mounted via push pins. Has anyone encountered problems with this type of mount? Note: I'm mounting this fan in an average mid-ATX case and the fan's dimensions are 92(W) x 92(H) x 25(D)mm. I chose a HSF of this size due to the size of my case. Component details below. I won't be doing any overclocking, I just want to keep my CPU below 43 C. CPU: Phenom II x4 840 HSF: XIGMATEK cobra - d984 92mm HYPRO Bearing CPU Cooler
  19. blinkingpeak649

    Push Pin CPU HSF Mount

    lol did you mean should or shouldn't?
  20. blinkingpeak649

    Push Pin CPU HSF Mount

    Thanks for that. Those dimensions are perfect for my case and it is hard to find any review that uses AMD processors. I'll definately add another fan for a push/pull effect. I wont be OCing because, quite honestly, I fear my board can't handle it. On a side note, nice job pulling the x2 to a x4! I have heard many horror stories of how unstable the CPUs become after unlocking the other cores.
  21. blinkingpeak649

    Push Pin CPU HSF Mount

    LOL and I DO happen to have LEDs on both side fans. I'll measure and see what I can fit in there. I have an old Zalman that has similar dimensions to the CNPS9700 and that one seemed to be touching the side panel fans if it were installed. I couldn't install it due to missing bracket pieces.
  22. blinkingpeak649

    Push Pin CPU HSF Mount

    Thanks for the input, my case is an IKONIK CS1200BK Optimus. I also have side panel fans insalled so there is an inch of space less inside the case.
  23. blinkingpeak649

    Rig Trouble

    My system is randomly going out and clicking. No display (monitor is on but no signal), no constant power going to components. I can hear clicking as if it's all trying to power up again but nothing is stays on constantly for more than a second. LEDs light up and fans spin for half a second but no boot up or anything. The problem is, I never seem to be around to see what activity the PC last accomplishes. I know I leave it alone at a clean desktop. Perhaps the PSU is going out? Any ideas would be great. Ol' bessie is leaving me confused, lol. Thanks in advance. Specs are below. Note: in addition to all components I have 2x 120 mm case and a 1x 140mm case fan hooked directly up to the PSU. Using a USB slot from the MoBo is an external card reader/usb extender.
  24. blinkingpeak649

    Rig Trouble

    Thanks for that, I appreciate it. The clicking comes from all the parts trying to move but not getting any juice.
  25. blinkingpeak649

    I'm Disgusted

    I hear ya Waco. Kamikaze: The event upsets me as well, however, you're right; they could have told customers sooner. Timeliness is everything. So much more could have been protected in two days time rather than two months.