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  1. The idiot's guide to slow computer fixing.. start with the owner (I wish).
  2. Try another memory stick? Try using Motherboard USB plugs instead of case ones? If that is a USB3.0 try a USB2.0 Flash Drive? I've never had trouble booting Windows 7 from a memory stick. W10 I do not know about.
  3. Trouble is finding a web site that does comparative testing that (still, if it ever did) lists the CM Hyper 212 EVO. It is definitely the one I would choose of those two. The review listed confirms that.
  4. If you have newegg email notifications 12GB SSD $56 Kinsgston HyperX Fury, ends today 1-6-2014 fwiw outside of benchmarks Raid0 SSDs do not do much except with a lot of large files.
  5. How much of that memory do you use? Linux, if you like it seems best answer. SSD would help. Bay Trail is a much better atom. If you need Windows OS. fwiw microcenter has some WinBook on sale in store, prices are tempting. Do not know how close prices are to what they sell for elsewhere but probably worth a look. 10 Inch WinBook W8.1 and 1 yr Office 365 $200, 2 GB and 32 GB. I use a Dell Venue 8 PRO, (bought refurb) and it suits me very well. Microsoft changed their licensing fees for mobile/low end market. New units built under this have a price advantage.
  6. Used Nook can be rooted with a n2a chip (nook to android. Good hardware. Can be rooted directly by knowledgeable. Nook HD or HD+. Kindle does not have microSD slot. Bought a refurbished Dell Venue 8 Pro for the W8 operating system (lost word as a refurb), excellent tablet. Suits my usage. Hopefully the android version would be even cheaper, Dell Venue 8 (not Pro). Dell Venue 7 android tablet. atom cpu 2 gb ram and microsd slot, good resolution (and sound) on 8,
  7. When I look at the Cooler Master Elite 431 there appears no room at top for radiators. One front and rear? Just not a liquid cool case.
  8. Have not kept up, are CZ still complicated, best to disassemble in a clear plastic bag. Lots of little springs? I forget where and which model I heard that about. Savage .22 looks a good shooter. .22s are fun. fwiw, building cheap computer for a friend with an I3 2100 I never got around to using. Purchased ASUS P8H67 motherboard new retail with 90 day warranty from 3BTech. $60 after "tenbucks" coupon. Looks like it will do the job, hopefully reliable and trouble free.
  9. Intel, unless you find a super sale price, is expensive. Otherwise good. Samsung, if you need their "toolbox" is a reasonably very good deal with best reputation. Crucial, on sale, is what I purchased , though M500 drives. The MX100 are earning a very good reputation.
  10. Generally it is easier to get a good price on a pair of floor standing speakers with quality drivers, relatively easy to drive. "Matching" satellites and subwoofer can be challenging or rewarding, satellite placement (often stands required ) is important. "Serious" subs can take serious power. It is a shop for matching bits or purchase "all together." There is no inherent magic involved.
  11. Newer cases (may) have provision for bottom mounted power supply (can be set up to pull air from under case, often thru a dust filter), generally there is provision for more fans (may be a lot of quiet ones or a great deal of cooling), possibly longer video cards, USB3.0 front panel connections, and considerable cable management space. Possibly HHD trays will mount SSDs, Do you need or want any of these features? Lots of fan mounts may make things louder, and require regular dust filter cleaning. Top fan grid(s) can allow spills in, or fall in of small bits. Generally when replacing an older case, price vs features can be an issue.
  12. A88X is FM2+ chipset Athlon X4 760K is as good as it gets. A7850 has more capabilities but is a sidestep in performance. (increased capabilities are mostly iGPU, which an Athlon version would not have). Athlon X4 760 ~ FX-43XX for less money, true, but upgrade path seems unlikely. I may be wrong, but this is my impression.
  13. I have been hesitant to leave Sandy bridge. This would be an excellent excuse to build a Devil's Canyon upgrade.. in,
  14. How much memory? I believe this APU shares memory between CPU/iGPU. Gaming may take memory from CPU, limiting CPU performance? Especially if Acer determines settings. My limited experience is when in doubt, 8 GB is a good idea.
  15. Also XP and browser support "end" makes waiting a less desirable option.
  16. amazon (free 30 day prime membership, just remember to cancel) PNY XLR8 120 GB $65 w prime Crucial M500 120 GB $72 with prime Crucial M500 240 GB $105 with prime SanDisk Ultra Plus 256 GB $120 with prime PNY XLR8 240 GB $111 Seagate 600 240 GB $115 today's prices 5/25/14
  17. TIM performance only partly depends on composition. Application, method and amount, pressure between CPU and cooler, and surface finishes all contribute. I like non conductive TIMs, which most are, As a novice, MX-2 is easier to apply, and quite good. I like the Artic TIM remover/surface cleaner set, goes on sale about $8. Or a pharmacy should have 91% alcohol, also good.
  18. amazon Green Hills Music Celtic Sampler 2013 Celtic Sampler 2014 free download mp3
  19. About correct. If I'm to live with a case I have to be willing to look at it. I've bought some ugly cases because they were cheap(and or misdescribed). lol, one Aluminum gaming case with premium power supply was an old Apevia metal flake blue, bare interior (hence Aluminum) and misidentified power supply. Fell for a Jacob's Parts case too (just too cheap , to buy, and to build).
  20. The original question as I see it involved other web sites and general procedures, by someone doing their first build. I have go to web sites for cooler reviews, but a lot of those out there are as described, unless there have been changes I am not aware of. I apologize if this was inappropriate.
  21. Most website use a "test rig" usually listed somewhere, often in open air. Temperature may be listed as from software or hardware. "delta" usually means the difference in temperature. IE the temperature rise experienced. Reviews are largely comparative, which is frustrating when you want to compare something you have that is not listed to something that is.. or performance in a specific case configuration. I wish all web sites would include the CM Hyper 212 EVO as this is a generally used cooler. Ah well.
  22. newegg latest email deals CX430 $40 before $20 rebate. RAM Kingston HyperX 2x 4GB 1600 CAS9 1.65V $65 Team Vulcan 2x 4GB 2133 CAS11 1.65V $70 G'Skill Ares 2x 4GB 1600 CAS9 1.5V $70 G'Skill Ares 2x 4GB 2133 CAS11 1.6V $80 Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 2x 4GB 2400 CAS11 1.65V $60
  23. Yate Loon DSH-12 is too noisy for a GeminII M4 at full speed. What RAM (low profile) are you getting? SSD?
  24. I read too much, procrastination comes easy.
  25. umm well I make unreasonable purchases of computer parts, some I may never use. Sometimes the prices are too tempting, sometimes the possibilities, sometimes just to see..
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