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  1. wow i never knew life was so difficult... happy for me im the type of guy that never would be so into a girl, as in if she wants to brake up...then bi*ch be gone, thats my thought on how i would act to a girl like that.... but to be honest wid u guys i always dump the girls ALWAYS, i dont know why but after a while knowing a girl,doing stuff,etc... (example : 2 weeks of receiving her calls....blablabla) i get really bored of em and just need another girl. ,thats how i am... but im 17 so people please dont take what im saying as an advice. Most likely i would really like a girl and get dumpd then i would really understand the pain and finally mature .
  2. ok man since you are willing to pay $235 for ram. u might cosider paying $177 w/free 2nd day shipping for this ram : Corsair VS1GBKIT400 1GB Kit DDR400 PC3200 CAS2.5 Value Select Memory Retail *** Free 2nd Day link u may ask? http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetai...ctCode=80098-21 BTW :newegg is great but in this situation i would try the otherone.
  3. try with different videocard, &/or ram. I use to have same prob and it was my ati. Also be sure u Load Optimized Defaults in system bios. If yours dont got that option look for something similar,there must be. good luck EDIT: simply try what i said above and also try different powersupply. im 99% sure u would find the problem. *ive nevr used linux so if it isnt hardware failure it may have to do with the drivers...etc
  4. crzy-svg-usr --> the mobo u gave a link of is good, but not dual channel memory compatible. *a dual channel pc would provide DOUBLE the GB/badwith of a normal pc3200,(i have 2 x 512 ddr pc3200 but bandwith is 3.2gb/sec ,a dual channel 2x 512 pc3200 would have bandwith of 6.4gb/sec which is obviously better.) if u build a pc without dual channel it would still be nice, but dual channel is the double of something B) .
  5. BIOSTAR "M7NCD PRO" nForce2 Ultra 400 Chipset Motherboard for AMD Socket A CPU -RETAIL $65 *newegg* with shipping + Athlon XP 3200 (Socket-A) 400FSB Processor CPU WITH QUANTISPEED ARCHITECHTURE 2.2Ghz $136 *in pricewatch* with shipping = $201US DOLLARS (SHIPPING INCLUDED IN BOTH) now that is the cheapest offer i found. only thing u would need to finish off a killer amd is the dual channel memory. $126US generic 2x 512 (1GB)PC3200 cheap ,ok OR $170US samsung 2x 512 (1GB)PC3200 quality,performance ..
  7. Nice Setup, i recommend you get another harddrive (i bought one of em and they sound kind of noisy,u could hear the pc load)but if sound is not a problem then go 4it. another thing is the gygabite mobo sounds nice but you could get a nforce2 perhaps,amds with dual channel make a gaming heaven. i cant wait to sell my rig and build a amd like u r. (i have a 3.00 ghz P4 800FSB,might sound great but i spent nearly 300 on mobo combo,*crappy ECS mobo,so i really regret not buyin a good ol athlon3000 or so for a much lower price and that great performance of amd)sorry for the offsubject lol.
  8. Sup peeps, sorry for taking so long just to give the benchmark results. well here they are : In my rig (p4 3ghz,HT ON,) Both ram sticks are OCZ In PCMark2002 registered. Doublesided ddr400mhz pc3200 :scored 7106 Singlesided ddr400mhz pc3200 :scored 6561 ,looks like Doublesided ram is the way to go. Even thoe it may not be much difference but i'll just trust more a double sided stick than a single sided from now on,and so should u! B)
  9. sup peeps, i have two sticks of 512 ram one stick is double sided and the other stick is single sided they both are ocz ddr400mhz ram, do any of you think the single sided stick will perform better than the double sided?
  10. 4.4GHz!! wow that is some killah overclock. i cant wait to get a new mobo,, i imagine checkin "my coputer" properties and seeing the cpu dialog saying p4 4.4Ghz, i gotta stop dreamin
  11. nice oc' i think thers mor juic in that 3ghz,whats the highest possible speed u guess could be??i mean ive heard of like a p4 2.4 reach about 3.2 (or more) im guessing we could get near 4ghz with the 3ghz chip,could we?
  12. hey peeps, i have the 9800pro and i have some q's. 1-what is the best overclocking utility i could use for my card? 2-once i get the program you recommend me,which clocks should i be able to set??i currently have the stock speeds of 380gpu 680ram. <_< heres a pic of my stock card.(NOT ACTUAL PIC BUT IDENTICAL)
  13. thanks alot for letting me undrstand i appreciate it. and this is reguarding the quote, i am screwed man it might be a "d1" but im using an ECS elite mb, this thing barely lets me reach 3.2ghz ,but its fine for now since games run great . however in the future i will get a good mb,asus perhaps.. B)
  14. i actually knew about cpu-z but i just never checked the "family" box, thanks anyway r_target.. i hope noone here thinks im a noob now, seriously ive lived most my life with amd,now i decide to try p4 so its a whole new thing B) . well anyways here is a pic of cpu-z, could someone tell me if the family F is good??
  15. i currently have a p4 3ghz and ive noticed all p4's have a letter(C,E?) at the end.. does someone know the meaning?Please explain... and i got no clue what my p4's letter is, so if someone could tell me bout a progg that could describe/identify my cpu i would appreciate it..
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