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    Intel i7 2600k
    G Skill Ripjaw X 16Gb (4x4) 1600Mhz
    EVGA Geforce GTX 980 SC
    Corsair HX850W
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  1. Resolution the monitor is just a 1080p, build is just for PC portion. I already have extra gaming keyboard, mouse, and speakers. So the case and its components. I play games like D3, LoL, Starcraft II. She likes Sims and games of that nature.
  2. My Fiance wants me to build her a pc so she can game with me in my office. She said she only wants to spend around $1,000 and asked if that was possible. If you guys could send a list of parts for a build or a link to a build for around this cost it would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't need to run things at max graphics, but I don't want something that constantly lags and gives issues. I already have a nice monitor, keyboard, mouse for her to use. Or if anyone has some parts off an old build lying around that they don't need, I can even paypal some money pending the parts work. Thank you, Tony C
  3. That would be awesome!!! We mainly play games like Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 at times, and misc other games that come out.
  4. I was a bit worried with what I ordered, I didn't have as much time to research as I usually do. All the parts legit?
  5. I remember how it was to not have much, and I know hard hard it is to be without a pc. He wanted me to order him the bare minimum of parts, but I just couldn't justify saving a few dollars just to have to rebuild again in a year..hoping these parts will last him for a long while.
  6. I tried my old 560ti that i recently replaced, and tried his card. I just swapped parts around besides the mobo and cpu and no luck. the pc boots up since we replaced the psu, he said it wouldnt turn on at all. now it all lights up, mobo has a green light. I tried both slots on the mobo with both graphics cards and same issue "no signal" using both hdmi and dvi connections on a new samsung 4k monitor and my other asus 1080p monitor. I will try removing cpu and reinserting I guess next. I ended up just buying him a new rig and told him he can pay me back later... Ordered: Corsair Graphite Series 760T Full Tower Windowed Case Intel Core i5-4690K Processor 3.5 GHz ASUS TUF SABERTOOTH Z97 MARK 2/USB 3.1 LGA1150 DDR3 Corsair RM750 PSU
  7. Hi everyone,my friend had a pc built for him by another friend a while back. The computer all shut off while he was playing a game and it would not turn back on. We just bought him a new psu and now the computer turns on, but nothing will display. I tried 2 of my graphics cards and both the monitors I use and neither of them would read the display either (tried both hdmi and dvi and both screens say "no signal"). From this I am thinking it can't be the graphics card or the psu. My friend never clean his computer so it was pretty bad with dust, not sure what to look into next? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Tony C His build Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD5850 1gb DDR5 Motherboard: Asus M4a79XTD Evo RAM: Gskill Ripjaws ddr3-1600-12800 - 8gb He is unsure what CPU he has. We just put in a corsair RM750 PSU PS. I tried to do the CMOS reset and no luck. The green light on mobo comes on, everything seems okay...but nothing displays.
  8. I recently graduated college and got a very good job making 6 figures. I decided to let my wife take this PC over (You can view this build in profile), and to build myself an epic PC that will not need to be upgraded for years to come. I want it to be super clean looking, I don't mind some lights on the case but nothing too flashy (My HAF build has just enough lighting to not make me go crazy). I will be using it to mostly play games, do some video editing, and just everyday PC use. I have been out of the PC world for the last few years while i finished college, so I am not sure what has changed or what's good anymore. I mostly wanted some recommendations on: -Case -Motherboard -RAM -PSU I will likely be getting -EVGA Titan x1 or EVGA 980 classified x2 SLI. -i7 4790K Devil's Canyon (Not sure if something better coming out sooner or if the 6 core's that are out are better?) I want to use PC for Gaming, video editing, storage, and everyday PC use. *Budget is not an issue, but I don't want to go too crazy ($3500-$5000?)
  9. It isn't too bad, It is definitely low, but I daily drive it without problems. I even track it.
  10. Thank you! Full 3" exhaust, intake, ECU flash, lightweight pulleys, boost controller @14psi, full suspension.
  11. My 1990 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo had it for 7 years now 351rwhp 383tq
  12. Thanks for all your replies guys. As far as money goes, I take my state Registered Nursing boards around July of next year. So as of now, I am not looking to spend much more on this build as my focuses are on studies. When I do get a job I will hand this build to my wife and build a better beast without any cut corners. She ended up buying a new macbook pro retina, a 27" iMac, and a new Ipad... and always complains she can't play games with me -_- I always hear people talking about Raid, and people always ask me "you running RAID...blabla" So I just assumed it was a good thing to do. I attached a screenshot of my HDD usage.
  13. Hello everyone! I have never attempted to Raid HDD's before. I have been filling my HDD's pretty quick since I finished my first build and was able to run more games and use the PC for more than just browning the web and playing low quality games. To the point. I now have a Corsair Peformance Pro 128gb SSD that has my OS and a few of my more played games. I have 2 WD Black edition 64mb cache 1TB Internal HDD's I have 1 WD Black edition 32mb cache 1TB Internal HDD I already have files on the 2 64mb WD but the 32mb is blank. I can easily move all files to my mac 2tb passport or my WD external if I will lose the files during RAID. I was using 1 of the 64mb for photos, videos, and document files, the other I was using for music, movies, and other easily replacable files. What RAID would be best for me, and does anyone have a good video/link to how to set up the RAID that is best for my situation. (If I do RAID 2 HDD's, when I click mycomputer will it just show one device for the two connected?) My specs are in signature Thanks again everyone, I don't know what I would do without your guys help!
  14. Thanks for that advice, we did purchase an external very heavy duty WD 720gb for backing up our important files/photos. I do some editing, but we mostly send the videos we like most to my fiance's macbook pro or iMac and edit on those. I found a WD black 2gb or 4gb and a seagate 2gb and 4gb with best reviews/ratings, and my fiance said she would pay for it if I make sure it is best for the money and worth it. So trying to research now which is better bang for buck, as the WD is 100$ more than the seagate for the same storage and specs.
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