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  1. I'm with Bigred on this one. I always make an image after a fresh install and key applications when do a build for someone. I store other programs and images on my server so I just install them as I use them.
  2. Mombo, I took your advice and uped the ram to Crucial Ballistix DDR2 1000. Great suggestion.
  3. I do agree 5 years is a long time. My current system in my sig was built 3 years ago. Its definatly showing its age. The 9800 has been a good card. Gaming wise its still holding up as good as can be exspected. I fugure the 8800 I picked out should hold for 5 years and get me to the point where I am now. Alot of things have changed and will change. I just need something that can keep the pace for as long as possible. I went with just above middle of the road last time. This time I'm going over the top on a few things. Choosing Efficency over cost will not last me the time frame I have set for myself. Don't get me wrong I know I'm being a bit excessive on one or 2 things. I just want something top of the line for once. Everyones imput has been invaluable and I do appreciate it.
  4. Thanks Verran that answers my question on the SATA as to being backwards compatible. I'm thinking I might swap out to a SATA drive just for cable managments sake.
  5. Ste that was a great suggestion. I made the change to the PSU. The cooling suggestions were great as well. I'll definatly look into the HSs mentioned. Verran, point taken on the quad cores. Theres no point in me looking in that direction after all the posts pertaining to their lack luster performance. I'm staying stubborn on the matter of the X6800. The memory I found was Gskill 2GB. Currently its on backorder. Has anyone had any exsperiance with this ram? The price is great for the latency timings. Is there a SATA 3gb DVD burner? I'm not sure if the SATA connectors are backward compatable, as I haven't even had the change to see the new style SATA yet. I didn't see any standard SATA ports mentioned on the MB stats. I'd like to get away from IDE if I can. Maybe someone can elighten me a bit on this. Thanks again guys. This is realy helping me out in my discision process.
  6. Thanks for the replys guys. I'm checking into the memory suggestion. I did find some OCZ with very good latency timings. I don't have the link at the moment as I'm at work. I'll post it up later tonight. I might end up going to 4GB before its over with. Looking at Toms Hardware CPU charts I see the quad isn't realy anything I need or want at the moment. I do want an EE processor. Cal me crazy I just want to be one of the "cool kids" for once. I had a very low budget on my last build but it still turned out well. This will be a gameing PC with a good bit of work being done in Photo Shop. I also want it to be somewhat more future proof for at least 5 years. This is the last major "toy" I'm buying for myself and I need it to last. caffeinejunkie brought up a good point about the MB. I had read that there were issues with the board, most of wich were resolved with a recent bios update. Are there any other boards out there that might be better and more reliable overclockers?
  7. New Egg Wish List Items I need some feed back from you guys. I'm building what I consider a top of the line system. That being said I'm somewhat on a budget. I've gathered a list of items on newegg I would like you guys to give a critique on it. Such as "This would actualy be better for about the same money." _______ My main questionable areas are: Is it better to go Quad processor with a Q6600 or stick with the X6800. Is the power supply correct for this system? Is there a better one for the money? Is the Video card the one you would use in this case or is there another company to choose from for the same general price? Is the memory worth right for the price or is there something better out there in the general price area? _______ I will be using Vista eventualy but I will more than likely be sticking with the trusty XP for awhile until Vista ages a bit. The system will be air cooled. I'm thinking of going with another thermalright setup as the last one has served me well. I will of course shop around a bit as I know newegg does not have the "bet price" but they offered the best way to consolidate what I wanted. As you can see I'm spending more than I ever have on a new system I just want to make sure I get it right, for the budget. (2500ish) Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok I've done some shoping around and I am leaning toward this: http://www.edazz.com/saaiirax8pep.html Good, bad, can do better for the price?
  9. Is there a downside to this card? ATI 850XT Plat
  10. Ok heres the deal.... I left for a 2 day buisness trip and when I get home I find out that my kid has decided to draw on my 9800pro with some keys. Needless to say the thing is trashed now. I've got a $400 budget for a new video card. I was thinking about an all in wander X800 XL AGP. I just want the most bang for my buck for my price range. I was hopeing you guys could shed some exsperiance as to what card you would buy. I've been wanting an all in wander type card so I can transfer some of our home movies to DVD. Is it worth it to go the All In Wander route or should I just get something else for video transfer? Thanks for the help in advance guys.
  11. God forbid anyone ask for some advice on these boards.... Come on guys lighten up. Either help him out or just keep quiet. This whole elitest thing is get'n out of hand. Sorry man I can't help ya out or I would. My last build was pretty much budget so I didn't get into the high performance pieces.
  12. *I'm going to make this as simple as possible. I'm not one for long drawn out words but I hope this is helpful to people who have no clue, like myself when I started. Pardon the misspellings and poor grammar. Components used: Hitachi 80GB SATA drives X3 Abit IC7-Max3 Motherboard This is done as a new install, meaning I wiped my old drive and did a fresh install of Windows. 1. Plug up your drives. I pluged the 3 drives into the 4, 5, and 6 SATA port slots. 2. Set drives up as Raid0 Right after the BIOS flash screen I got a message saying to hit CTRL+S or F4 to enter the raid utility. In this utility I selected the first option that was titeled something to the effect of "Raid Drives". I selected Raid0 and the number of drives to set was 3. 3. Run the Windows install disk. *Install the Raid drivers from the disket that came with the motherboard, when the windows driver setup starts. Use F6. ( This applyed to me, but it could be different for different board models. ) Once you get into the partition portion of this only 1 drive was showing. ( This is because they are set in raid0 mode. ) I ran a complete NTS format on the drive. After this was completed I installed windows as normal. Problems Encounterd At first I spent a good hour or 2 trying to figure out why BIOS would find the drives, while windows would not in the partitioning section of the install. This was because I was forgeting to put in my Raid driver disket that came with the mother board. You can access the custom driver install as the install disk is loading the driver when it first intializes, before the partition screen. Conclusion I'm finaly up and runing again after 5 hours of funbeling around with the setup. I went from a transfer rate of about 80MB per sec to about 120MBs per sec. Windows boots up alot faster than before and I can tell a real differance when installing bloated software. All in all I feal this was an excelt uprade for my system.
  13. Crazy suggestion but check and make sure your folders are set to being shared. You can either share your entire drive or individual folders. Reason I say that is because I've made that mistake a few times.
  14. Realy generic answer here but maybe a format and a "do over" will set it straight. Might be the fastest way to solve the problem, without spending hours trying to figure it out.
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