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  1. are those prices in USD? if so where at
  2. lol i would stay away from gigabyte...its one brand Ive read more terrible then good about....big time failure rate with a lot of there cards especially there overclocked cards
  3. vlad86

    so much for gpu upgrade

    hey i lost my wallet taking a dump at the gas station
  4. You in cali? goto Microcenter 2500k 179.99 all day everyday for the past couple of months
  5. nah im wating for a 580 but damn i was contemplating on buying 2 and just re-selling them for $300 lol i'll keep my eyes peeled for another hot deal like that...if i come across one I'll shoot you a msg
  6. vlad86

    Thank Hell for onboard Graphics!!

    Never heard of Nexus....im out in the Stats and that must be a European brand. Do some research it might be a reputable company out your way
  7. goto slickdeals.com and type monitor in search...you'll be able to find a great deal on a monitor....seen 22" Acers going for $99...cant go wrong with that
  8. vlad86

    Thank Hell for onboard Graphics!!

    If i were u i would go buy a psu and a mobo from a store use them to test out whats at fault and then return them.....thats my 2 cents
  9. lol no dude it was 259 for the past week up until yesterday in the afternoon. Must have been some special promo or something sucks u shoulda gotten to my thread when I started it....lol u can see i wrote the price was 259 a couple days ago
  10. they were up until a certain time today..it was -40 instant and the -40 MIB.....Was a damn good deal.....wish the 580s would just drop a little!
  11. Wow....well so much for the Sparkles at 259....there 299 now lol
  12. Tigerdirect.com yea sparkle is a very legit company...very high quality products.
  13. lol well for starters I could care less about noise.....its one of those things that doesnt bother/ concern me at all.Ssecond off someone said that 570s are more expensive then 6970s but 570s are way way cheaper then 6970s....Im contemplating on pulling the trigger on 2 sparkle 570s @ 259 a piece with rebates. The best price Ive seen for 6970s are 315? if even that....and I think it was really 319 and thats with rebates. The 570s are by far the best performance to cost card on the market hands down...at least thats what I can gather from what Ive been seeing & reading.
  14. ok so i just read this entire post and i gotta say.....no reason to argue considering your responding to a guy asking for some advice
  15. Its answers like these why I wanna go with the 570s or 580s .....Im not trying to say the 6970s are bad cards but it just seems like Nvidia has the edge on them hands down....so yea I dont want any owners of 6970s take this the wrong way!! lol ~ on another note why wont the prices on these damn 580s go down just another $40