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  1. I've sent an email to them asking about it.. Let's see and hope for the best. Thanks anyway buddy.
  2. Thanks bro that's indeed some good info.. I did some more research on computer fans and it seems that the best available fans out there are the fluid bearing type of fans. I found this one from BitFenix, I know they make some really good stuff for water cooling but I didn't know they make fans, so I wonder if they are good or not. Bit Fenix Spectre LED Fan Series - Red 200mm - Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) Link: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_327&products_id=30946 Will it fit in the HAF X?! Sorry, but my options are kinda' limited because I'm buying all these stuff from PerformancePCS and by doing so I'll need to pay for shipping just once.
  3. Thanks guys, but I personally don't like quick-fixes and workarounds, you know what I mean?! That DEMCiflex fan-filter kit might be kinda` pricey, well pricey is relative word in this case lol, but hey, I guess you get what you pay for, am I right?! Anyway, I think I`ll go with hoody_s13`s solution. I like how that thing works and it looks good, actually the case looks better with it than without it. There`s one thing I don`t get about this kit though, on PerformancePCS it has 5 pieces, but the same kit on PCCaseGear has 6, I mean WTF?! Where is this 6th piece supposed to go?! Can somebody help me figuring this out!? ! Here is the link of the kit for both stores: http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=15126 http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id= Now, this is something else for you guys to help me with: I want to put an extra exhaust fan in my HAF X to go with that exhaust 200mm fan the case already come with.. This one must have red LEDs though.. Is this fan any good?! Is it better than the Cooler Master MegaFlow? Will it fit in the HAF X?! Xigmatek CLF-2002 200mm Crystal Cooling Series Red LED Cooling Fan It sells for about $19 at PerformancePCS.. Sounds like a good deal..
  4. Just noticed that the power supply would also take air from the bottom and exhaust it through the rear of the case.. Would I need a filter down there as well?
  5. That`s an option of course, but it doesn't sound as good to me.. thanks anyway.
  6. Okay guys, I finally got my HAF X, but dust is quite a problem for me, thus the need for fan-filters. So, I know the HAF X already has a fan-filter on its front fan, the big 230mm intake fan, but in the other hand, the side panel fan does not, so I`m looking for a fan-filter to put on it. I know fan-filters can restrict air-flow quite a bit so I want fan-filters that don`t do that as much.. This is what I`ve come across so far.. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_463_500_501&products_id=30845 - These magnetic filters sound really interesting! http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=36_463_92&products_id=27624 - I also like the idea of the filter being hidden though.. They look pretty decent, and according to the manufacturer, FilterRight, are for HAF and 840 cases, so it should be all good. But the question is, will it reduce the amount of air coming into the case too much or it should be okay?
  7. Thermaltake has a mechanical keyboard as well, you should go and check it out! It's way cheaper than the BlackWidow and probably better, don't buy Razer's because you will be paying for their name as well, which is probably half of the price of the actual product, their stuff is just completely overpriced!
  8. Okay guys, I have just received the Thermaltake Black Gaming Mouse and the CONKOR mouse-pad, tested it very quickly just to make sure everything was working nicely and here are my thoughts about both the mouse-pad and the mouse itself (1 day straight of testing): The mouse is great and extremely comfortable, its rubberized finish provides great comfort to your hand, though while it does provide a great fell to the hand, if you have sweaty hands like mine, it can turn out to be pretty annoying because you WILL see sweat spots on the mouse. Yes, you can clean it up quite easily but not like a standard mouse where it is all made of plastic and plastic is way more easier to clean up than rubber is. However that's not a problem at all, the comfort it provides easily outbalance the cleaning issue. Regarding its ergonomics, the mouse's shape, there's not much to say about it rather than telling you that it simply fits perfectly in my hand (I have medium sized hands). Now, the tracking of the mouse with the CONKOR mouse-pad is amazing, the mouse slides throughout the mat like any mouse-pad and mouse I have ever own. Shooting people in the head with this awesome combo will be like shooting pigs, incredibly easy. I'm telling you, together they are the most accurate thing I have ever seen. However, keep in mind that at the lowest DPI the pointer moves very slowly, you may want to change it to a higher DPI. In brief , I'd say the strongest point of a mouse and mat like this is the comfort it provides, I guarantee you will be able to play your favorite games for hours without any discomfort whatsoever, just remember to clean both the mouse-pad and mouse after a gaming session. Yes, dust is a problem with a pad like the CONKOR. By the way, the CONKOR is HUGE, I'm telling you it's enormous, you may have problems fitting it onto your desk. Pros (for the mouse): - Very very comfortable - Accurate like hell - Low cost, everyone who is serious about gaming and don't wanna spend hundreds in a mouse should buy one. - Instant DPI control makes easy when changing scenarios like browsing in the Internet to gaming. - Programmable buttons - Braided cable - Gold plated USB connector - Packaging (Thermaltake certainly knows how to package their products) - Extras (there's allot of goodies included in the product's box) - It really carries a punch when combined with either one of Thermaltake's mouse-pads. - Lighting effects are awesome yet simple enough. It can be a little distracting but that's okay. I could keep going on forever... Cons (for the mouse): - Configuration software could be better - Cleaning can be annoying - Dust friendly - Weight control don't work as it should due to the mouse being already pretty light. Well, I am not a professional reviewer but I do not agree with some reviews that say the Black Gaming Mouse feels cheap at some parts like the thumb button, it looked pretty solid to me. And please, do not believe when someone say it has a uncomfortable design, it does not!!! Sorry for any grammatical errors, I did this in a hurry. Please tell me what you think about this little review.. Loving the forum.. Bye and I'll see you guys latter.
  9. Humm, I couldn't make any sense of what you wrote there ("the card will overclock better locked").. So, can you post a link or something about how to overclock a HD 6950 2GB version? I can only find guides showing how to flash the 6950's bios to a 6970's bios and that won't help..
  10. Hey guys, I've got a XFX HD6950 2GB hopping to be able to flash it to a 6970 but I think I've got the newer model, as it is all black and its cooler is located at the middle of the card, the older model has a black and red color scheme and the cooler is located at the left hand side of the card if I'm not wrong. At first I was like, "WTF? This ain't the reference card!! I'm gonna kill that bi**h who sold this .*n' card to me! Motherf***er piece of .!" bu then I read some articles, forums and people said that you can still reach the performance of a 6970, or very close to it, by overclocking your 6950 if it's a 2GB version like mine is. Look what this guys said: So, is this really possible? Will I be able to OC my 6950 2GB version to then get a performance of a 6970 or very close to it like that guy said? If so, I'll need help to OC my 6950 after a few days from now because I'm still waiting for my case (HAF X) to arrive. Thank you, Templai.
  11. I'll definitely go and check them out, I just thought if I'll buy a Thermaltake's mouse then I should just go and buy a Thermaltake's mat too, you know.. BTW, do you guys have a YT channel? I'd love to subscribe to you people!
  12. I thought M$ said they will end the SideWinder series for good.. anyway.. so do you think I should get the Black? If I do indeed, I'll probably buy the Thermaltake's CONKOR or DASHER mat because I don't like hard surfaces as I have a Razer eXactMat and it pretty much sucks, at least with my current mouse it does. In the other hand I really like Thermaltake's stuff, I have their Pro keyboard and I love it!
  13. Yeeaah, I'm seeing a lot of complaints about that mouse, too many to try to ignore them.. What about Thermaltake's Black? Any other suggestions at this price range? Thank you, Templai.
  14. Thermaltake Black gaming mouse + CONKOR mouse-pad or CM Storm Sentinel Advance + H-SM Weapon of Choice M4 SSK mouse-pad? I'll be playing mainly FPS and TPS. Thanks..
  15. Thanks bro but I've gotten the A70, it has better reviews and it performs almost the same as the V6GT if not the same thought it does it MUCH MUCH quieter, not to mention that the A70 is way more easier to mount than the V6.. some even mentioned the V6 being a pain in the 'bum' to mount.. so if you take all that into consideration, the A70 clearly wins the big fight here. Thanks again, Templai. [sOLVED]
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