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    I like to help folks with tech and tweak things. I like clocking just for the sake of getting to know hardware on a more intimate level. I have a list of interests NOT grouped by importance :P (Gaming, Clocking, Hiking, History, General hardware and amateur circuit design and assembly, Soldering, Robotics, Arduino, Hiking and the most insane one being collecting and cataloging Video, Sound and Text for future generations.


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    Phenom II X4 975 3.6GHz (@4.0Ghz) Black edition CPU , ASROCK 970 Extreme3 motherboard, 3X4GB G.SKILL ripjaws ddr3 1600 RAM, XFX R9 280 3GB black edition GPU. 3TB, 2TB, 1.5TB and a 128GB SSD


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  1. I'm a total AMD fan boy but I have to go with with you on this one, Considering how long he keeps cards the lower temps on it and the system should help make for a longer life span and less maintenance. My GF has a Sapphire Radeon HD6970 which is as you probably know one toasty card. If I dont clean it for her a minimum of every two months it runs 90c.
  2. I find my paste becomes crusty and crappy thought it might be because my pc folds at 100% load 24/7. I try to do the paste every time i clean the dust out which is every 2-6 months.
  3. yeah exactly, if the gpu isnt folding then theirs no point in me folding, choose linux an awesome os and fold at 5000PPD cpu only or slosh thru windows and score 110,000PPD
  4. I have recently gotten back into it, My team has been quietly folding away while I was wasn't so I decided to catch up . I'm looking for interesting ideas to use my folding points for, competitions ect. I don't know why but folding just feels like a vow to put your money where your mouth is and prove your clocked rig can endure 24/7/365. What are you fellow folders getting for a PPD? I'm getting about 100,000 currently, have a few more tweaks to do to my video card but I want to finish my work units before I start tinkering.
  5. I took the time to install it in windows today and its running 100,000PPD so I've gotta be doing something wrong because it's literally 28.5 times faster in windows. It looks like that base score is coming from the cpu slot.
  6. Yup I did until I said screw it and abused one stick at a time until I found the one that couldn't clock
  7. I'm running the AMD provided drivers which include all the goodies like opengl ect.
  8. Is it like the high pitched sound CRT TV's and monitors make? That can signify hardware failure.
  9. Hello, I am running Ubuntu 14.04 and my folding clients version is 7.4.4. My rig stats are AMD Phenom XII 975 BE @ 4.0Ghz Cooled by an H100, Gskill Ripjaws DDR3 1600, Asrock 970 Extreme3, XFX R9 280 R9-280A-TDBD running fglrx 2:13.350.1-0ubuntu2 drivers. I am using a GPU and CPU slot in my client. I am averaging about 3500PPD which is terrible considering my girlfriends rig runs an E6600 2GB DDR2 and Saphire Radeon HD6970 and she averages about 10,000PPD. I do not fold in windows because I only load windows for non Linux games and it's unstable anyway so I don't have a widows score. I have noticed that while my CPU is running full out my GPU is just idling. The GPU slot does finish work but very very slowly.
  10. I've been an asrock fan for years but I wont lie, they are flaky if you get the wrong one, they take alot of abuse but they always seem a little flaky. I've had a few issues with asus but they tend to be DOA or totally fine. I would not recommend gigabyte, personally I think they suck, they have their own thing going on and their own fan base but I just cant help feeling like i'm looking at a foxconn board when I buy one.
  11. UPDATE: It's been 3 days since reducing my memory clocks and its perfectly fine and passing memtest reliably. I can only think that the voltage and clock has been degrading my memory controller or my PSU is getting lazy allowing the underlying instability to show thru, either way i'm going with an 8 core near the end of February so I can pass this chip off on my girlfriend and reduce its clocks a little more so I don't have to worry. I love these unusual issues, really lights my fire
  12. Great suggestions guys, I already did these and came back to report, basically its had a flaky memory controller from day one, I have had it clocked for quite some time and it's no longer happy about holding those clocks so I re-arranged all my settings to let up on the memory controller without loosing too much in the way of speed and its much happier now and passing memtest.
  13. Thanks for the response. I already ruled that out (forgot to mention here). Crazy as this sounds I think ive narrowed it down to a stick of ram. I suspect either the memory controller doesn't like it (not the first issue with this controller) or the stick is blown. I tested each stick individually and one in particular reproduced a random boot issue ive seen a few times in the past few months. I'm attempting to get the machine to reproduce the issue now that ive found a faulty one.
  14. So! I've stumbled upon something odd and I need a little help, I started getting artifacts usually associated with memory issues, screen corruption usually leads me to believe a bad card or displayport adapter but in this particular case I swapped that card out and its still happening... something motherboard cpu or ram is sending trash data via DMA I suspect but heres the rub. I don't have spare parts to test with and only 3 sticks of ram so is there a way I can get a more definitive answer before I go ahead and do cpu and ram replacement? motherboard: asrock 970 extreme3 cpu: phenom x4 975 BE ram: G.Skill ripjaws f3-12800cl9s-4gbrl video: XFX radeon 7950 BE
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