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    Hello, I just finished putting together a Asus p8P67 Evo system. The current stats are as followed: Intel i7 2600K Intelx25-m series SSD. The SSD is connected to the 6gb sata port (even though the sdd is only sata II). 2 optical drives if you just count the start up time of windows 7 it's about 19s, however if you include the start time of POST it's more like 40s. It seems like POST takes longer to boot than it should. I was expecting a total boot time of ~25, having windows be the lesser of it. Windows 7 performance rating gives my ssd a 7.7, memory 7.9, and my cpu 7.8. is this an accurate count? are there any advanced settings I need to look into to get this to speed up or am I just imagining things in regards to speed of the windows boot?
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