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  1. i had 2x 6950 both died free upgrade to 6970 from novatech x fire ofc they died.... another 2 6970 drivers failed to install all on x58 sabretooth board maybe was spacing issues they do run very close together in there but like i said before 60fps is all ya need and a gtx 580 will deliver that on 99.9% of games maxed i just chose the less problematic way also crysis 2 is riddles with issues in both sli and x fire so there not dead. windows mode was the only way i could play crysis 2 without immense stutter and flashing or disabling 1 card and bad company 2 xfire issues there is alot of games out there and there always will be games just dont get made for multi gpu they get made to work then they fix multi gpu eventually atm crysis 2 still needs a fix dont get me wrong there is some games that sli and xfire work instantly great in like batman dark asylum but i am impatient and if a game comes out ive been waiting for i want to play it ie skyrim i would never wait for a multi gpu patch like ive had to crysis 2
  2. Personally id go a good single card myself i have gone thru so many ati x fire cards the driver support is crap most games have major issues with sli and crossfire for gaming id say gtx 570 or 580 single depending on budget you will be worry free at least i ended up having to play crysis 2 in windows mode as there is no x fire fix for massive stuttering the ati drivers of my 2x 6970 kept failing on install resulting in black screens and bad installs as soon as i singly used them no issues most games that are released are released for single gpu then later they add the fix for multi gpu.. which i find annoying as i build a great pc to game on and all i can seem to do is get high score in benchmarks... so fun to sit and look at 3d mark all day so my final verdict would be for less issues and tedious forum hunts for sli or x fire fixes - gtx 580 monsters most from what i hear sli and for money you would spend on sli of them you can keep it saved to upgrade to gtx 6-- when needed agreed sli is future proofing but when a game dont support it you end up using 1 underpowered version of the card till issues are fixed when because of and sorry to say console drag games wont really need much more than a single card for a few years. 99% of games released are multi platform and they have to reach xbox and ps3 standards there powerful consoles but they wont ever match a pc in grapical power and developers refuse to make pc only due to the fact copyright is so easy to abuse on pc so until consoles get upgraded games wont really require sli or xfire to be enjoyed obviously if your benchmarking go sli! or xfire hehe and i dont intend to start flame wars on consoles its a common fact pc are more powerful but consoles are more practical this is my view btw i mean no harm to any 1 using sli or xfire all i am sharing is my experience with sli and xfire headaches and hours of painful drivers / console command searching to make games work if this is no problem for people they do run faster but im happy at 60 fps i dont really see the point in 120+ fi it runs smooth im happy sorry for bad punchuation and spelling and the long read thx for reading
  3. 1920-1080 i got a free upgrade from 6950 to 6970 from novatech as my 6950 blew and they had no replacments so ill tell em i want them cards in new build
  4. i know what ya saying but i want to know the 1 button oc limits because tbh if i cant get 4.5 from that i mayaswell buy a asus fatality board. and get some 1 to oc it for me as i said before i cant overclock it all means nothing to me i wish i could i tried an failed some of the setting make no sense to me at all and i cant seem to find half the setting people say to change this was on my old board hense why i asked how good the 1 button oc was. as the asus rep did say 40% chips can reach up to 4.5g stable
  5. After numerous hours of searching for a comparason of 2x gtx 580 vs 2x hd6970 benchmarking all i find is flame wars and personal preference... so which 2 are faster as its between the 2 im tempted to give the hd 6970x2 another try but if i manage to break 6 of em ill vow to never use a ati card again.
  8. ive heard with certain asus boards i can get a auto tuner for over clocking with sets it to 4.5 gig this was p8p67 pro asus board 4.5g will do me i use a v8 cooler on it when i buy it i can afford a better board the board is not purchased yet. so if there is a better efi ez mode oc board please do reccomend i want to oc to 4.5g from stock with a 1 button tuner pref as i am clueless to over clocking and i have never actually done it. so if you use a p8p67 pro please tell me what you got from auto tuner on this board same with deluxe board as i also am looking at that but it has 2 switches on board that i dont know if i need to alter to use the ez tuner. yet again i only want 4.5 -4.8g max - v8 cooler in a haf x case so cooling is very good i may even consider the H70 for cooling but i dont think ill need that
  9. agreed but i went through 4 6970 in 20 days and it kinda put me off them. drivers were main issues i found .
  10. is there any issues installing the gtx 580s in sli like i had with the hd cf 6970 i want plug and play basically
  11. if i get 2 gtx 580 is the cosair hx 1000w modular going to be enough or should i get Antec High Current Pro Modular 1200W Power Supply
  12. by overclocked 570 do you mean manually overclocked or stock oc as i already stated i do not like Manual oc i dont trust myself only reason im setting the 2600k to 4.5g is cos efi allows it.
  13. if i reduce my ram from 16 gig to 8 gig i can possible afford 2 gtx 580 also have to change cooler from v10 to v8
  14. is there a reason no body is recomending the gtx 590
  15. im not sure sli is all its cracked up to be tho all i got from x fire was issues. i did like the hd 6970 when they were working but that seems a 5 day limit. xfx brand im asking for what would be the best setup / future proofing not best budget wise. the 580 is deemed to be the fastest single core and if you sli your comparing a dual core to a single core just how big is the advantage do they out weigh the disadvantages of sli / x fire http://www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/prods/components/nvidiageforcegraphicscards/nvidiagtx580fermiseries/EVGA/015-P3-1582-ER.html the 580 i am considering atm but as i said i want alot of opions / benchmarking if possible my cpu will by overclocked via the mobo new efi setting to 4.5g i dont do extreme oc i know i can get 5.0g out of the 2600k but i dont have the knowledge to do so and the same goes with oc gfx card i want simple effective game play
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