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    cpu- amd 1090t 4ghz
    cpu cooler- corsair h70
    psu- thermaltake 775w
    mobo- gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h
    mem- 8gig corsair 9-9-9-24 1333
    vid- evga 470gtx sc
    hdd- wd cav black 500gig
    case- Diablotek CPA-6170 EVO ATX Mid-Tower (modified)
    windows7 64
    monitors- dell 22" and samsung 37"

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  1. Miltystu2004

    Overclocking AMD FX-4170

    Nice, I want to set something up for my nephew. I know the overclocking isnt necessary but the kid wants to brag a bit, so I just wanna bump it up a little. If I can get 4.5-4.8 out of it I would be happy with that. I'm going to have him help me so he will be able to say he built it too...lol Thanks for the info. 8 )
  2. Miltystu2004

    Overclocking AMD FX-4170

    Has anyone had any luck overclocking the AMD FX-4170? My nephew wants me to build him a cheap gamer and I can get this one pretty cheap. I also have a Corsair H70 kicking around somewhere. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks...
  3. Miltystu2004

    FBI can't crack murder code

  4. Miltystu2004

    FBI can't crack murder code

    There are so many issues that need to be discussed before you can even start to crack it. Was he American? Did he have any ties to any foreign countries, gangs, mob? What was he wearing exactly? was it a suite, jeans and tee shirt, or jeans and a sport jacket? These things can help figure out what the circumstances were. The FBI should know this.
  5. Miltystu2004

    2011 Firearms Discussion

    Was the child killed by a law abiding citizen, with a legally owned gun? I bet not. You are right about one thing, ignorance will not prevail, and I will continue to bare arms. It is my right to do so and it will always be my right. You will never stop a criminal from getting and using a gun, so why cant I defend myself? Gun laws only restrict people who abide by the rules, so the child that got shot will still have gotten shot if guns were outlawed. The only thing that would curb gun violence is tougher sentencing for gun crimes. That way law abiding citizens are free to protect themselves, and criminals are the only ones affected. Why don't people get that? If you studied American history you would know that the right to bear arms was in fact, to protect citizens from there own government. Just like the colonists did in the revolutionary war. If there were gun control back then there would be no USA. Ignorance is simply the lack of knowledge. I am far from ignorant when it comes to American history or gun control. I do suggest that you do some reading on gun facts and American history, before you call other people ignorant.
  6. Miltystu2004

    FBI can't crack murder code

    I don't know how the FBI is having a problem with this. I think if anyone with half a brain and all the resources that the FBI has, they should crack this code easily. I think I could crack it if I had the FBI's resources. I see allot of the letter series NCBE , Sometimes following numbers, or WLD. There are also alot of words ending in E. There are punctuation marks, decimals, and fractions that can be a big help in cracking this. I don't see why they can't do it. If the FBI really wants this cracked they should ask the people who cipher the bible. They are so obsessed with ciphering it, they probably tried every possible tool they can find.
  7. Miltystu2004

    [email protected] question

    Thanks, I got the gpu up and running. Wow the wu's are huge and it rips through them fast. The smp also huge wu's and so far going pretty fast too. I'll come back later and tell ya the results. Thanks again. Edit : Its been a few days now and its much better. I'm averaging about 4500 ppd now versus the 2-3 hundred i was getting before. Thanks for the help
  8. Miltystu2004

    [email protected] question

    First I want to say sorry for being a noob. I'm not sure what version im using for my cpu because i just followed the directions i got from a random search on youtube. I think its 6.23. I think have a pass key that i got from the Stanford web page. I put it in the passkey spot in the configuration. Is there a way for me to check the version? I know for sure im not using gpu3 though. In config/connection, i checked the box for allow the 10mb thing. in advanced core priority is slightly higher. Do not lock cores is checked. And in each client i have running there is a different machine ID.
  9. Miltystu2004

    [email protected] question

    Im new to folding so I may or may not have an issue. Just wanted to know if I'm doing something wrong. I see people getting thousands of ppd and im getting only a few hundred. I dont think my pc is all that bad so I think I'm doing something wrong. Should i be getting less than 1000 ppd? I'm running 3 different Wu's at a time 24/7 and my rig is as follows: cpu- amd 1090t 4ghz cpu cooler- corsair h70 (modified) psu- thermaltake 775w mobo- gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h mem- 8gig corsair 9-9-9-24 1333 vid- evga 470gtx sc hdd- wd cav black 500gig case- Diablotek CPA-6170 EVO ATX Mid-Tower (modified) windows7 64
  10. Miltystu2004

    Hello all

    Yeah I dont want to mess with it too much being a noob and all. When i build my folding rig ill mess with that. I crashed a few times before i got the vcore to where im at now and not knowing much about it i settled with what i got. cpu is running at 1.440v atm. what im running now is: cpu- amd 1090t 4ghz cpu cooler- corsair h70 (modified) psu- thermaltake 775w mobo- gigabyte 890gpa-ud3h mem- (2x4) 8gig corsair 9-9-9-24 1333 vid- evga 470gtx sc hdd- wd cav black 500gig case- Diablotek CPA-6170 EVO ATX Mid-Tower (modified) windows7 64
  11. Miltystu2004

    Hello all

    what kind of load temps is the 1090T putting out right now? My max is 55c but it only got that high briefly a few times. it was pretty steady at 48c during testing. im running at 43c under normal load, folding for the last 3 days. I ran it for 12 hrs on first test, 24 hrs on 2nd test and i've been folding at 50-80% load.
  12. Miltystu2004

    Recommended Cases List

    $49.99 Diablotek EVO ATX MID TOWER http://www.diablotek.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=tpflypage.tpl&product_id=97&category_id=60&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=53 I was on a budget and since i had a few 120mm/ 80cfm fans kicking around I added them to the side panel, made a custom fan mount in the drive bays, and added liquid cooler. It now has 7 case fans and stays cool under max load. You can find better pics and reviews from vendor web pages. Not bad for the price.
  13. Miltystu2004

    Hello all

    Hello peeps. Ive been coming to occ for a while and I must say the reading has been very helpful. Yes I'm a n00b. I've been playing with computers for about 15 years. I'm mostly a gamer and amateur builder, but never wanted to oc anything until now. From what I've read here I was able to oc my rig in 5 minutes and now im hooked. I've been taking a break from gaming and have been doing some reading on [email protected] I'm running it now on my pc but I want to build a dedicated rig soon. I'm on a budget so Im currently running an amd 1090t at 4ghz. Its pretty much my gamer right now so I didn't want to go to crazy. I do have a few questions but I'll post them in the appropriate forum at a later time. Anyway, I just wanna say thanks to you all, I'm looking forward to being a member of occ.