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  1. i also said price/performance compared to and intel build.....
  2. sorry jammin basically my posts are done in my lunch break at work and i dont have time to find the benchmarks i saw when i was first looking for my build i will endeavour to find them tonight but the ones i did find showed the 1100T's 6 cores were faster in editing photos (albeit by literally seconds) although i did just have another thought i seem to remember the benchmarks i saw were actually for edits that consisted of 6 changes/layers at a time. It may well be that te 2600k is faster for changes one at a time but the 6 cores might kick in to make it a faster choice over multiple changes i will look into this though. just a thought on that part. not saying your stupid im just sick of bias ultimately everyone wants the best build possible and if someone is biased to one build in the end they wont pick the best choice for themselves. in terms of the graphics cards if you look on the previous pages in the article it gives the list of hardware used....the MOBO's are of similar standard but surely they wouldnt be using a GTX580 with an amd CPU and MOBO as that slows things down a lil aswell and if they were using the radeon 5550 which is the other graphics card mentioned well thats just entirely unfair and of course results will be skewed towards the intels. i also dont like that they compare a top of the range amd cpu to a close to top of the range intel cpu using sub-standard MOBO's really if you want the best performance you want the best MOBO otherwise you arent getting the most out of the cpu yeh? so by testing them with basic mobos its going to slow both cpus im not saying amd more so but from memory the results i saw were pretty much top of the range gear for both setups and it showed the amd pulled away (enough to catch my attention and make me want one) in all of the editing programs especially when it came to HD movies. @Fieldsy mate either way you go if your spending 2500 its going to be a good build.....if your mate is asking you to do it all for him would it be fair to say he doesnt know much about pc's in terms of parts? if not he more than likely wont care whats inside jsut that it does the job! and if the job can be done cheaper, if i was him and not caring about parts, cheaper would be the way i would go (keeping in mind both options will be differences that small its barely noticeable to a serious gamer!) a $2500 intel build is probably very similar to a $2200 amd build......pocket $200 for a builders fee and save him $100 haha
  3. @iviy yes i talk about it! But when i buy it it doesnt mean im looking for a good price/quality item for myself! my build is a Top-Of-The line AMD did i say anywhere i was purchasing a best price/quality pc? no but thanks anyway
  4. @ Jammin not to mention all three of those links are articles entirely about Intel/Sandybridge so ofcourse they will be biased.....wtf? of course they arent going to say an AMD is better just like in an AMD they arent going to say intel is better bang for your buck even if it is! not to mention Toms hardware have Nvidia sponsorship plastered everywhere....lol do i need to say more its like they're paid to say theyre better obviously
  5. wow you guys really are Intel biased....how bout not just looking at the benchmarks but looking at the other equipment used! Sure lets compare them using totally different hardware!!! with intel using a GTX 580 at $500 to a AMD using a Radeon 5550 at $65 how biased can you get? and how does it show a true representation? and if anyones stupid enough to not look at the hardware before looking at the benchmarks they deserve a fail build. Tom's hardware is so biased towards intel there's honestly no point looking at their benchmarks u need to go to a site that isnt sponsored by either amd or intel for true comparisons! the REAL benchmarks that use equivalent parts show the true story, the 1100T's 6 Cores IS better for editing despite what Intel fans say, im biased to niether side i just want the best system for my money, but when it came down to it my AMD system is much better value for money and much more powerful than a system of the same standards in Intel ultimately either system will do the job in the end AMD will be cheaper and do the same job! if 5 FPS more for a game is worth an extra $500 then go Intel (bare in mind both systems will run full graphics at 60+FPS anyway) if you want my opinion for a full AMD build PM me.
  6. not to sure bout bulldozer compatible but check your supplier for a price on the phenom II 1100T shouldnt be much extra but is a kickass CPU then look at the Asus crosshair IV formula motherboard and definately save for the H70 it is awesome!!!
  7. honestly if its for photoshop you want a 6 core especially if he's serious about editing.....look at my rig in the build forum under 3k amd build minus the radeon 6990 and say a 6970 and youve got the same thing....the Phenom II 1100T is a 6 core and in terms of photoshop and editing (part of what i do and why i chose it) it is 10-20% faster and in terms of gaming it more than handles the job and can also be Overclocked to 4gb per core and be stable....but it really is personal preference and that build will do the same stuff anyway just in photoshop a lil slower honestly though you wont need 1000W go for an 850 or 950 and that'll be more than enough
  8. definately have a look at umart.com.au (australian site) first and compare prices! when i looked at it they are almost as cheap as buying my system from tigerdirect and importing...defiantely worth the look mate! in terms of cases i wouldnt go the level 10 thermaltake honestly for gaming your gunna want as much airflow as possible yes it might look good but really do you want gaming or looks? because of the cover i honestly think parts will overheat way more than they should! look at a HAF case HAFX is big but amazing airflow and well worth it for gaming rigs thats what you want! in terms off SSD can i ask why your going so big? honestly with games etc the SSD wont make a difference except in terms of map loading etc it wont affect gameplay at all. save the money on the SSD get a 60GB for $150 for windows and maybe one or two of your fave games and use the extra to either upgrade to the GTX590 or save and get another 580 then SLI them in terms of case again if you do go Thermaltake level 10 have you made sure a cpu cooler will fit?
  9. yeh i agree with paulktreg to an extent i dont wanna be waiting forever.....i am waiting for a lil while but i think august is definately my cut off i want this system home, setup and run in ready to burn through Battlefield 3 on release date yet to be revealed i am waiting to see what bulldozer is and price/quality but in terms of graphics cards i will more than likely be getting the top of the line Radeon thats out at that point in time so yeh
  10. thanks guys....with tiger firstly someone asked but delivery to QLD Australia is only $230 for the parts im getting from them and i was also planning on buying bits one or two at a time....the problem is i have nowhere else to buy parts from....newegg dont ship to aus and every other website is 3 times the price so even if i have a couple problems.....its still worth it....as i said i have no other options so regardless i have to order! i also shouldve mentioned this build is not till july/august and im hoping and crossing fingers bulldozer will be out by then but otherwise.....this is it! in terms of graphics i dont want to be upgrading and falling behind every 6 months.....hence going top of the line (currently) with the intention of getting another in 6 months! SSD will be only for windows and maybe Battlefield 3 but thats it.....thats why i got a smaller one @deathmineral its fine man everyone has good and bad with different suppliers! i manage a retail store and i know that everyone has preferences to suppliers lol....basically my only other option for delivery is buying from newegg and using bongous to deliver it....problem 1 $$$ they charge ridiculous amounts for delivery and if i get case aswell im looking at close to $500 for shipping alone WTF....problem 2....i dont want to pay for $3000 worth of stuff to be delivered to a random company in a warehouse somewhere that i could never see again lol....if newegg still refuse to ship to australia i kinda refuse to use them....
  11. look at benchmarks to compare any graphics cards but basically the 580 is second top of the line in the nvidia.....probly twice the quality of the 460....if your really looking at downgrading try staying in the 500 series or atleast SLI a couple of 480's for eg good luck with it....
  12. ok so here goes, AMD gaming/photo editing rig mostly for gaming mostly for Battlefield 3 hehe anyway....any ideas and suggestions much appreciated! please keep in mind i am going overboard on some things so that i wont have to upgrade for a little while and cause i can afford it lol! bare in mind im in Australia aswell so some things are more expensive as i cant buy from newegg most is coming from tigerdirect P.S this is my first build CPU: AMD Phenom II 1100T Black Edition Six Core $229.99 (tigerdirect.com) MOBO: Asus Crosshair IV Extreme $385 (mwave.com.au almost 200 more than newegg, not happy! Graphics Card: Diamond Radeon HD 6990 $719.99 (tigerdirect.com) Power Supply: Corsair 1000W $239.99 (tigerdirect.com) Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16GB 4x4096gb 1600Mhz $224.99 (tigerdirect.com) Case: Coolermaster HAF X ATX Full Tower Case $239 (mwave.com.au again twice the price of american sites Cooling: Corsair H70 Hydro Series CPU Liquid Cooler $105 (tigerdirect.com) HDD: 2 x Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB HD $85ea (tigerdirect.com) SSD: Corsair Nova 64GB Solid State Drive $124.99 (tigerdirect.com) OS: Windows 7 Ultimate $189.99 (tigerdirect.com) CD/DVD: Asus DRW 24X burner $19.99 (tigerdirect.com) along with gaming keyboard/mouse and delivery comes to almost $3000 reccomendations and comments appreciated...cheers guys
  13. thanks for the replies guys....ultimately i dont want a computer that in a year is going to start lagging behind hence why i figured id spend a bit extra upfront as im not too concerned about the money side to an extent. the other reason i was leaning towards the hexa core 1100T CPU is that i do a lil amatuer/semi-professional photography and would be nice to have the extra oomph for photoshop and speed it up a bit more aswell, its kinda the same boat with the RAM yes 8GB will do me but again if you had the money you'd all go 16GB yeh? when it comes down to it its only $200ish and itll save me upgrading in future as to the point of spending a lil more to start with lol From all the reviews ive read there are almost no bad reviews of the 1100T, with the 2600k iver heard OC can be complicated and tricky unless you know exactly what your doing however reviews of the 1100 sat that OC to 3.8 is simple on the phenom i doubt ill be OC too much except to show off lol i think itll handle everything easily without it. @alexandre ye i was looking at majority of parts from tigerdirect, ive had a few friends buy from there and no problems and was also reccomended by my local pc store (they buy some parts wholesale) when it comes down to it they are a heck of alot cheaper than Australian based sites! some people have problems and some dont unfortunately i really dont have much choice unless i wanna pay 1200-1500 for the radeon 6990 (5 pc shops in brisbane quoted)! To buy this system locally would double the price and msy dont have all the parts anyway unfortunately ie 1100T or the 2600k so they are fairly useless except maybe for the MOBO but then they dont have the case i want lol so the case and mobo are coming from Mwave Im happy to fork out a bit extra dosh and for 3grand, its gunna be a pretty kickass beast that will last me a while before having to upgrade....basically i just want to make sure that what i have will all work smooth together especially the Cpu/Mobo/Graphics card. once again thanks for the input and any more is much appreciated! @Deathmineral im leaning to the AMD anyway lol
  14. no im in australia so with the MOBO's im very limited, i can get most of the stuff off Tigerdirect.com and get it shipped to AUS but that wont be including Power supply, Case and MOBO all of which i can only find one site to get them from in australia and they are literally almost twice the price of sites like newegg hence why my tower will actually cost me around 3000 the HAF X alone is almost $300 here but its the one i want. with the RAM though basically ill need a kit that has 4 RAM cards is that it? for example My link the 16GB version 4x4GB
  15. hey guys, looking to my first build i have a few questions and a few problems to overcome any help would be greatly appreciated, firstly this system is mainly for gaming so thats what it will be revolving around! in the end im hoping to spend around 2500 for the tower basically my budget so heres my system so far btu there are a few issues CPU: Phenom 1100T possibly sandy bridge 2600K but am really leaning towards the phenom as ive heard much better for gaming? MOBO: Either ASUS crosshair IV Formula, Asus crosshair IV extreme or even if you guys have any ideas would be greatly appreciated Graphics: either Radeon 6990 or GTX590 was really leaning towards the 590 but the MOBO's arent SLI so eventually if i want to upgrade to two cards ill need a new MOBO (is that correct?) RAM: C13-5714 ::Corsair CMZ12GX3M3A1600C9 Vengeance 12GB DDR3 RAM - PC12800, 1600MHz, 3x4096MB, Non-ECC, Unbuffered(0.75 lbs) from My link thats the important stuff that im not sure about i was also looking to the coolermaster HAF X full case, along with 2 x 1TB WD Caviar Black HDD and Corsair H70 liquid cooling. any input and help is much appreciated! cheers guys
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