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    Q9650, HD6950 @ 6970, 4Gb DDR2, TX750 V2 PSU, P5QL Pro, 320Gb + 250Gb HDD, Antec 1200 (modded)
  1. <3 this contest, also a Merry Christmas to all the sponsors and all the guys here!
  2. My turn yay! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5ZeukLrD74 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VGtyi4Kd6Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPq4r7bSap4 Loads more where those came from 720p is mandatory!
  3. martinlink

    Noob :)

    Haha, privetik Aljosha And I got the 1200 watter for like $65. The seller said it was faulty but it has worked for 2 years now without any hitch
  4. martinlink

    Noob :)

    Bwuah! You're the one giving away dem 5970s here, ain't ya? Gimme sum to pair up with my sempron 3000+ (mentioned earlier). Lol at coincidences.
  5. martinlink

    Noob :)

    Haha, nice to hear that. I'll just couple my old AMD Sempron 3000+ with two of these 5970's right here and we'll all be golden, playing Crysis on low.
  6. martinlink

    Noob :)

    Yay thanks for the welcomes! Just got my signature function enabled so you all could see the HW I own BTW, I managed to burn a 4870x2 recently so I got this 6950 (70) for dirt cheap. I know it's a little bit overkill so don't bash me
  7. martinlink

    Noob :)

    No likey! >: ( But I've actually kept my xfire on l33tsp33k for a bit and tried to learn some of it - not very fun :\ Tho when writing in MSN I tend to get sloppy and start writing in a semi-1337 manner.
  8. martinlink

    Noob :)

    Oye, thanks! It's funny you mentioned it - I am somewhat a grammar wh*ar and I also go to an English college that puts a lot of emphasis on languages
  9. martinlink

    Noob :)

    Hehe, thanks. You wouldn't believe how much fun it is when you are able to grief noobs in games in 5 different languages Win.
  10. martinlink

    Noob :)

    Hi all. Dunno what to write here lol. Am 18 and 6"4. I build PCs and OC some of them just a little bit. Also I like to play a lot so good hardware is a must. English is my third language and I speak like 5 in total (Estonian, Hungarian, English, Russian and German). I've been lurking here occasionally but only now got round to registering. In games I am known under the gamertags LockDown92 or Raiden (in MW2). Any questions, just hit me up.
  11. First post, booyaah! I got mine from my parents as well lol. Kinda weird that my last name is also the name of some dwarf who wears green and fights pixels. Also, everyone I know calls me Link. So that's it. Edit: and I was already able to mess up the topic I was supposed to post this in. Blargh. Well, maybe it's still 2010 for me.
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