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  1. I'm buying a motherboard that has ultra dma 133 can I use a ata 100 hardrive with it?
  2. I have extended my desktop and my games seem to lag on the secondary monitor . What should I do to resolve this issue? Thank you :unsure <_< P.S. I have a P4 3.0c HT ASUS P4800 Deluxe dual channel Radeon 9800XT 256 1 GB memory Kingston Hyper x
  3. HI !! I have an ATI 9800 XT 256 and want to make my desk top panoramic . How do I do this? Thank you
  4. I want to upgrade my P4 3.0 412k to a P4 2.8 1mb L2 cache is that a good idea or is the P4 3.0 512k better , and what do I do to do that? Thank you.

    Dual Monitors

    I have a Radeon 9800 XT 256ddr Video card to start off with,and what I am trying to do is use two 19 inch crt's .How can I make this happen?

    Cpu Temperature ?

    sorry guys wasn't thinking Thanx though!
  7. What should be a normal temperature for CPU chip? This is in regards to thermal controler. Thanx
  8. just so we're on the same page I have received a enermax ultimate controler model # UC-A8FATR4. It has four fan hook ups ,and four signal wires that should go in select locations,"heat syncs?" let me know what you think. And another thing what temperatures should my cpu run at?
  9. <_< hmm! Do you think I could tape it to the side of the cpu heatsync? It seems to be the only place or is there a specific location? Will the signal wire effect the processor? appreciate the feed back.
  10. Does anyone know how to mount the thermal sensor to the heatsink?