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  1. I have pretty much the same setup as yours. (Except, I have a Sapphire Reference HD 6950 2GB), and I use a1x200 Megaflow for Intake, 1x200 Megaflow Side intake, 1x200 Megaflow Top Exhaust, 1x120 Sickleflow Rear Exhaust, and 2x XtraFlo Fans on my Hyper 212+ (These are the ones that come standard on the V6GT, and Yes, it looks awesome. ). This setup is pretty capable IMO with both, idle temperatures (Just a few Deg C over ambient) and load temperatures well within limits.
  2. Nothing wrong. It has existed beyond what I can remember. Obviously, there will be issues sometime, but, having a "hierarchy" of drivers is natural.
  3. Still a through and through Schumacher fan. It's sad he's not getting the results, but, Canada was extremely close I guess. Just hoping it's a matter of time. Don't prefer Hamilton much, because of his attitude (?). They most certainly do. Another example would be the Alonso v/s Hamilton battle at McLaren back in 2008. Also, even this season, whenever I see the races, it seems like only Webber's car which has one problem or another, yet to see one on Vettel's car.
  4. Hey, Thanks for the reply. I do have that option activated, but, there's no indication of any detections (or scan progress) on my flash drive, when Kaspersky catches atleast a few. Anyhow, will try it out again and get back to you. (MSE is on my laptop - which is not with me ATM) Cheers
  5. MSE is great, but, I still use Kaspersky on my Primary PC, because there are some nasty USB viruses in my college PC's, and, the Auto Scan and Removal in Kaspersky for removable drives is a life saver. (If someone can tell me how to enable that in MSE, it'll be great)
  6. It's annoying, more so since I can't buy anything from there, but just visit to browse various products and their prices. :/
  7. 2 X CM Blademaster XtraFlo's for my Hyper 212. Got them at INR 550 (~$12) apiece. Adds a bit more bling to my case.
  8. Which case? Your mobo form-factor normally does not have an effect on which heatsink fan you can use. It's typically your Case (width) and RAM (height for clearance). I am running a Hyper 212+ myself, and, it offers far better performance than it's price suggests.
  9. Desktop - AMD HD 6950 Laptop - AMD Mobility Radeon 4330 Weird, I thought I was an NVidia boy. PowerVR SGX540. Unfortunately, none on my Wildfire.
  10. Lite On Drives used to be good, but, as everyone says, they are no good now. One of my LiteOn DVD-RW's cannot read DVDs any more, which sucks. Switched to a Sony Optiarc (Not Sony - That is different, and, crap) and its awesome. No bad burns, reads all I throw at it, and, looks unassuming. Oh, and if I am not mistaken, HP and Asus are just Liteon clones.
  11. Here you go: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=184609 Remember: - It must be the 2GB model - It must have a Reference PCB
  12. SSGX3noS


    I definitely am! Loved Dirt 2, and, can't wait for 3. Racing games are my all time favorite, with my first ever game being NFS II.
  13. Cooler Master Hyper 212+, Replacement for the old Cooler Master TX2.
  14. SSGX3noS

    L.A. Noire

    Definitely picking this one up. Seems to be something different.
  15. It's a bit weird. The top fan of my HAF 922 still works fine, and, its over a year and a half since I got them. Nice job though.
  16. Of course they work. . I am currently using cut and modified "mosquito netting" for the side dust filter. But, even with dust filters, they get clogged very easily. (I cannot see my front LED fan at all after ~20 days). Again, I do realize that the problem lies in my desk (Or rather residential - Right in the middle of a construction boom) area, but, if dust is a concern, then, I would exercise caution before getting a HAF. As for sponge, I personally don't think it will be as effective as the solutions stated by bp9801. Sponge seems to be too thick and could potentially lower cooling efficiency quite a lot.
  17. Agreed. Although it is indeed rather unfortunate what happened, if you do not possess a minimum required knowledge about a particular thing, you will get ripped. My college friends run a part time computer business, and, you have to see what they charge for the 'repairs' they do, which, more often than not, just is a Windows Reinstall. Moreover, the customer pays - very happily infact - because he is simply unaware of the actual facts.
  18. Stay away from the HAF's, if dust is a big concern. While I wholeheartedly agree with the above posts that it's an awesome case, its a huge dust magnet, and, this is probably true for the entire HAF series.
  19. It's pretty much the same. Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer 120mm - Rs 1900 - link CM Hyper 212+ - Rs 1850 link Is the Core Contact Freezer better than the 212+ ? However, I have got some doubt in my mind about the pricing there, since, everywhere else, it is listed at over Rs 2500, which probably leads me to believe that the site I listed above has not updated that page for a bit. EDIT: Confirming. It's a false price for the CCF 120mm there. I think I'll go for the Hyper 212+
  20. Yes, the cooler is something I have been looking to upgrade. Obviously, the Hyper 212+ is on my agenda, because of its unbeatable price : performance. Should be getting one soon. Cheers for the reply.
  21. Hi guys. Got a query here on OC'ing my system. Firstly, the specs: - Intel C2D E8400 - Gigabyte EP45-DS3R - Kingston 2x2GB DDR2 800 RAM - This one - CM Hyper TX2 - Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 2GB - CM Extreme Power Plus 600W I know there are lots of mistakes on that build, but, please dont flame me. Got all that in June 2 years back as an extremely attractive package deal locally (Except the 6950. There was a GTX260+ that died). Now, I would like to OC my CPU a bit. Not anything extreme, but, moderate (Say to 3.5 - 3.6 GHz). But, what I fear is that my RAM, PSU and HSF will hold me back (What a list ). At this point, I would really not like to have anything fry / die on me, which is why I am still not taking the jump yet. Need some recommendations. Is OC'ing feasible on this system? Or is it such a crazy idea that I rather not come near it? (The CPU is idling at 36C at stock, and 56-57C at load - For an ambient temperature of 32C right now)
  22. Congrats on your choice. Very sound one indeed.
  23. Single 6950 2GB (Not Flashed to 6970) - 2946 Points With ambient temperatures over 40C, there's no way I am even considering OCing anything.
  24. +1. Hardware keyboards for me. Another pro was that one could type on the T9's without even looking down at the phone at all. Awesome for texting during boring lectures. . Sadly, that's out of the equation with a touch only keyboard.
  25. HTC Wildfire, again on CM7. Very glad for CM7, it infuses new life into this extremely underpowered phone, and, makes it run like its on far more powerful hardware.
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