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  1. So...it was like year ago when i started my upgrading. And its pretty much done now. So just a pic or two for you to see the progress So it went from worse than this, but at that time i didn't took a picture so...it went from kinda this.. to something like this.. It's not high-end but its way more awesome than year ago Rig needs a SSD and I need a decent monitor to finalize the build
  2. I was surfing around and found that there is two versions of Gigabyte GTX480 cards. Numbers are next: GV-N480D5-15I-B price in my country around 400Euros and GV-N480UD-15I rev.1.0 which is around 240 euros. Now I searched and found nothing different about these two cards except price :S. Anyone have more information about em? Thanks
  3. SP: Witcher 2, Dragon Age 2 MP:Street Fighter 4, League of Legends, World of Warcraft
  4. The cards are pretty much same caliber. I'd go with Zotac GTX480 on this. That non reference cooler is actually quite awesome for overclocking. On the other hand, EVGA GTX570 is kinda less power hungry card. So the choice is on your side what do you want, performance over efficiency.
  5. My god! I've been listening sum dubstep here and there, but this skrillex guy with this scary monsters and hey sexy lady songs just blew my mind! Pure awesomness! Discography download in progress xD
  6. Any information of when 7k series will be released?
  7. Well I read some rumors about 7000 series of Radeon cards. And as I'm about to upgrade in a month or two, is it a smart move to go with 6970 or wait and see what comes up in next few months? I had 8800gt for like 5 years+ now and i don't mind waiting a bit longer for proper upgrade.
  8. Just ordered CM HAF 912 Plus (sold old case+20%discount, got it for like 30euros ) and CM Hyper 212 Plus!
  9. First thing i wanna say is try another power cable, always start from basic things, check if your ram modules are installed correctly. If that doesn't work, break ya machine in parts and build it all over again but be more careful. Maybe you were way too excited and didn't pay attention somewhere. Cheers
  10. Erm kinda still not decided about PSU final question: Cooler master Silent pro 850W 150Euros or Cooler master Silent pro Gold 800W 160 Euros considering this one as in store that I will be getting case and psu I will get 3% discount on both articles so if this one is better id get it. And they don't have Silent Pro 850W in that store. Planing to run crossfire in some near or maybe not that near future. I have been boring with this PSU questions, I know. But what to do.
  11. Yo peeps! Friend of mine made one set of progressive house music for some contest now he need votes If any of you like that kind of music feel free to visit http://www.converse.rs/DJFridays/tracks/13572452 ! Enjoy and don't forget to like for votes to count! Thanks
  12. Haha, that's generous offer m8 Thanks anyway...difference in prices in America and Europe are huge it seems. Wonders why :S
  13. OMG Thats like 50 euros..lucky guy
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