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  1. gamer_22

    End of Nations Beta Key Giveaway

    count me in too...
  2. I'd agree with you it sounds like the second slot is not acting proplerly id exchange the board with another one just like it or get a refund...
  3. I am looking for a ASUS GTS 250 1G... I recently got one but im looking for another one to do a dual graphic set up for my gaming PC that i am curently building must be cheap and working thank you
  4. I have a ASUS ENGTS250 DK 1G and i'm looking for a decent board for it. The only brands id recommend getting is a ASUS, Biostar, or a Gigabyte. The board must be compatible with DDR3 RAM an SATA 3Gb\s... And it must be cheap any body got any ideas ???